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Nikita Sharma | Fitness


I help women build the body and mindset of their dreams 💪🏽🧘🏻‍♀️💕 Apply ⤵️

1. Stay lean
Work smarter not harder when it comes to fat loss.
Lifting heavy weights will turn your body from flabby to firm.
With more muscle mass, your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) will be higher and paired with a good diet will ensure you stay lean and toned!

Your body will burn more calories while at rest and will use up your fat stores faster! Fast loss while sleeping? YES PLEASE! 🙋🏻‍♀️

❗️Cardio activities alone (hiking, walking, swimming, running) cannot accomplish this❗️

2. Increase Bone Density and Strengthen Joints
Got a pesky injury that won’t go away? You need to strengthen that!
Lower back pain? Yoga AND strength training will do wonders.

3. Add Size and Definition ANYWHERE
You don’t have to become a bodybuilder, but the basis of bodybuilding is that you CAN shape and transform your body to look however you want.

I use to have a pancake for a butt a wear a size 4. Now I’m a size 8 and my boyfriend uses my 🍑 for a pillow.

4. Your Daily Activities Become Easier
Imagine not being restricted in your life because of being too weak or frail.

5. Inner Confidence
When you start lifting weights you never thought you could before, it wakes up a hunger and drive in you that translates into other areas of your life.
You’ll start speaking up for yourself and doing other things outside of your comfort zone because you’re not afraid of a challenge! 💪🏽

DM me “STRENGTH” if you want to learn how to lift weights properly 🔥

- Coach Nikita

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Replying to @DancersDigs T
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As an online fitness coach one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked about losing weight and getting toned is HOW!

“What do I do in order to get lean without hating the process?”

Here are my 4 “secrets” to dropping fat and getting toned:

1) Start with water.
Water flushes out toxins, will give you an initial burst of energy and will help kick start your digestion.

2) Start eating a ratio of 0.8-1g of protein per lb of your lean body mass (excluding your excess fat).
Protein helps keep you full for longer, so you’ll eat less calories overall AND it is vital in order to build muscle and make you look defined instead of skinny fat.

3) Eat a moderate amount of carbs in order to fuel your brain and body.
Restricting on carbs will eventually cause you to crash. Overeating on carbs will have you feeling empty soon afterwards.

4) A small amount of fat is so important to keep your brain, liver, kidneys working and is important for nutrient transfer between cells so your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Too many fats however, will lead to weight gain because they are high in calories.

👉🏽 The best and only sure fire way to know EXACTLY how much of these you’re getting is by tracking your food into a macro calculator 👈🏽

It doesn’t have to be forever, even 2 weeks can be eye opening 👁️ to see where you’re over or under eating in any of these macronutrients.

Any one of these changes could be the one that moves the needle for you and helps you drop fat and build muscle.

And one of these probably speaks to you more than the others ones!

#nutrition #weightloss #fatloss #howtobuildmuscle #muscle #toned #fypgymtok
Replying to @Tri Square Don’t settle. Wait for the right person and in the meantime, make yourself the best possible version of you, for you ❤️. Love your life, love yourself and you will attract someone who loves you just as much. #fyp #love #dating #datingstorytime
I’m Gym Barbie 🙋🏻‍♀️

Ever wonder why you’re not seeing that toned look you‘ve been after⁉️

After all those hours spent working out, that must be frustrating‼️

Often when many of my female clients first come to me, they simply are not pushing themselves hard enough in the gym.

Here is how you should be working out to BUILD STRENGTH and MUSCLE! 💪🏽 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Be working in the 6-12 rep range for 3-5 sets.
You can do more sets if you’re a beast 🦍.

2. Resting for 60 - 120 seconds between sets.
Get a cheap stopwatch to time your rest. Stay off your phone. Stay in it.

3. Focus on compound movements like:
- Squats
- Deadlifts
- Lunges
- Pullups/ Assisted pullups
- Bent Over Barbell Rows
- Pushups
- Bench Press

4. Lift heavy!!!
Lifting 5-10lbs might feel like a good burn after the 12-15 rep range. But you’re working on muscle endurance at that point. Not building size which will get you toned.

5. Your last rep of EVERY set should be a 9/10 difficulty.
If it get’s below an 8/10, it’s time to increase the weight! 🔥

Training like this over a period of at least 3 months 3-5 times per week will ensure you start seeing that toned athletic figure you’ve been going after!

It’s time to level up and increase the difficulty to your workouts to start seeing real results‼️🔥🔥❤️‍🔥

Follow me for more muscle building tips on how to build the body of your dreams!

Coach Nikita
#howtobuildmuscleforwomen o#howtobuildmuscle u#musclebuilding itnessforwomen #fitnessforwomenbywomen #fitnesstipsforwomen #gymfyp
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