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Clueless Bushcraft


Learning Bushcraft Survival, Foraging, Fishing, Cooking, Homestead & Hunting




Raising Quail For Meat

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Dollar Jerky Club

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🏚️Shed Restoration🏚️

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Shed Extension

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The Fire Tent

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🐤Chickens 🐥

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Bushcraft Spain

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Brambila Method

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Fishing 🎣

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Chill Vibes

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Maple Syrup

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#garden #selfreliance  created by Clueless Bushcraft with Clueless Bushcraft's original sound
Replying to @dissa4 A cotton bandana serves multiple purposes, including filtering water, protecting your face from dust or smoke, as a bandage, or as material for charring and much much more! #bushcraft #survival @Spreadshop 🧡 #spreadshop #brandambassador
Replying to @ruben2xl The 10 C's of Survival. Grab yourself a shirt on my @Spreadshop 🧡 Consider using @bluettipower as an #offgrid option for your power needs. #partner #brandambassador #spreadshop #bluetti #bluettipower #survival #bushcraft #selfreliance
Replying to @brockbell03 Quail are 7 weeks old now!!! That's so crazy fast! They're pretty much ready to eat and should start laying eggs anytime now! #raisingquail #quail #bushcraft #survival #selfreliance #livestock #homestead
🧡 @Spreadshop 🧡 #spreadshop #brandambassador
The Ten C's of Survival revolve around the Four Key Components of Survival: Fire, Water, Shelter, and Food. The resources you carry will significantly impact your ability to secure these components and increase your chances of survival. It is important to diversify your equipment, carrying multiple options within each category to account for potential loss or breakage.

Choosing the right supplies can be overwhelming, given the abundance of options available. Assembling a well-stocked survival kit requires experience and knowledge. However, by following the Ten C's of Survival, you can simplify the process and ensure you have the most critical resources for wilderness survival. These ten categories encompass approximately 90% of a comprehensive survival kit.

Remember that each "C" represents a general category of equipment, and there are various versions and options within each category. Your choice of equipment will depend on personal preference and the specific demands of your environment. For instance, your cutting tool can be a compact pocket knife, a versatile multitool, a robust machete, or any other suitable option. It is wise to include multiple variations within your survival kit to mitigate risks and enhance your chances of survival.

#bushcraft #survival #selfreliance
I got these plants from @MNforager
It's been a full day now and the sunchokes are doing excellent. The Egyptian walking onions don't look the best but they may get better soon. :-)
can't wait for the electric daisy's to flower! #foraging #gardening #gardener #mngarden
@Dollar Jerky Club #PARTNER
🍍🚚 🧀 🥩 🤠 We got some AMAZING new Jerky Flavors this month! #dollarjerkyclub #brandambassador #jerky #beefjerky #meatsnacks #meatlovers
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