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Cleo Abram


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Replying to @Jodi Verenka there’s new research on how we might help kids with dangerous peanut allergies. it’s one of the most common food based allergies, affecting over 1.2 million children just in the US alone. but now, a skin patch that provides immunotherapy for peanut allergies has shown good results in desensitizing toddlers in a clinical trial. here’s what's happening...

if you'd like to learn more about this research, search for DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2212895

this is Huge If True, an optimistic show about the future. If you liked this vid, follow to support our show :)

#tech #science #peanut #technology #stem
Replying to @Jess we have incredible new images from the James Webb Space Telescope! here are my favorites:

- the clearest image we’ve ever had of Uranus and more importantly, its rings.
- a young protostar that’s only around 100,000 years old.
- two interacting galaxies that look exactly like a question mark?
- best of all: an image showing the warping of spacetime...

the JWST keeps sending us incredible images, and with each one, we unlock new mysteries about our galaxy.

if you like optimistic stories about science and tech, follow for more…

(and if you enjoyed this video, you might love our longer episode on how the James Webb Space Telescope found WATER on an exoplanet…)

#learnontiktok #space #science #stem #nasa #jwst
If you’re watching the 2023 #USOpen singles matches highlights, you'll hear AI commentary. There are hundreds of matches, and most aren’t broadcast on tv, so don’t get spoken commentary. The @US Open asked @IBM to add it. Here's how they did it and why it's such a big deal. #watsonx #tech #AI #ad
Replying to @Lupy scientists just revived a prehistoric worm. it’s a nematode found in Siberian permafrost and it’s estimated to be 46,000 years old. in other words, this worm froze when humans were making cave paintings. and we just woke it up. here’s why...

if you'd like to support optimistic science and tech stories, follow for more!

#science #tech #history #longevity
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