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Chris Mahan


poetry, doodles, photos, novels links to my books at christophermahan.com

Over The Hill

they came chanting upon the hill
some strange song
they served the god of death
some evil that was long dead
they revived just for this day

they came marching in order
by rank and file
in colored uniforms
then they killed our children
and through the tears
we heard them scream
the vilest of curses
worshippers of a dead god
full of death and hatred

they came over the hills
with rifles and cannons
they were sick too
coughing and sneezing
and they gave us their plagues
as a gift from their god
their evil god of death

after they had taken the land
they gave us books and newspapers
that told the story we should have learned
the stories that made us like them
worshippers of the dead god
that turns humans into slaves
and then kills them
without any remorse

we should have fought them
in the hills
when they marched
singing their songs
instead of welcoming them
into our lands
white devil, a #poem

White Devil
always right
always correct
they proclaim
with their words
and their books
and their mouths
those mouths that speak too freely
those white monster
who conquer
who take and take
until there's nothing of earth left
not a blade of grass
not a tree
not a jewel
no, not even a drop of water

White Demons
always chasing
always always always
on the run
demanding of people
that they kneel
that they serve
that they die
and that before they die
that all the people
must be
properly dressed
properly shaved
properly quiet
properly professional
and must work
and work
and work
so the white devils can take it all

but the worst
is the white woman
walking so proud
so tall
so white and pale
pale as freshly fallen snow
pale as ghosts
pale and dressed to impress
smelling of roses and flowers
in artificial perfection
whitest and thinnest of them all
like ghosts
or bodies fallen in ash

like flames and fires they conquered
and now there's nowhere to go
all the earth is theirs
taken and plundered
and plundered
and plundered

by the white devils
and ghostly mistresses
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