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Corbin Chiropractic Cardiff


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Lower back spasms can be caused by various factors, including muscle strain or sprain, poor posture, lifting heavy objects, electrolyte imbalance, sudden movements, stress, lack of exercise, or underlying medical conditions like herniated discs or arthritis. Recently, I have seen so many lower back spasms, and it seems the change of weather is a possible cause. We generally move less in winter and eat more sugary and carb loaded foods like our caveman ancestors did. Also, stress is higher in winter. The cold weather creates more tension, teetering a pre loaded muscle spasm into fruition.

A spasm can cause severe sharp, pain that can cause us to feel something very serious is happening to our body. Some people go to A&E, some take medication, and some see people like ourselves, osteos, or physios for releif. A spasm can catch our breath too, waves of pain that can feel like you're being stabbed in the back. They key thing to remember is that it is just a spasm and will pass over days or weeks. If a spasm keeps reoccurring then it's normally a mechanical issue unless other symptoms are involved.

With an acute spasm, acupuncture is a great non invasive way to reduce the spasm along with controlled breathing while the needles are in. It's not painful and effective.

How can I make it better?

Beer (joke),
vodka? No

-keep moving, bed rest makes it worse, have a gentle 3 minute walk every hour
-ice it 20 minutes, 3x a day
-Find a comfortable sleep position and stay there if you can. Less sleep means more pain
-keep breathing, holding your breath, prolongs the spam
-self massage
-seek a professional if it's not easing 👍
Remember, it's just a spasm in most cases and is not that serious, but the brain will tell you differently.

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Treatments may differ in real life 👀, #AI is changing rapidly. But it won't be able to take over having your voices and concerns listened to and hands on treatment to help those aches and pains. (well not yet)


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