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Chip Dizard


📸 Photographer ✈️ Traveler 🎤 Speaker 🍽 Foodie Learn more about me ⤵️


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Replying to @Kesha i hired a private chef for meal prep so we can cook together. @ConnieGilmore was so surprised.
@ConnieGilmore It’s your 50th birthday and I love and celebrate you today and always.

You have been consistently in my corner and I receive favor from God because of you. I can’t wait to be your husband and spend the rest of my life with you; happy birthday and I love you so much.

#blacklove #50thbirthday #birthdaysurprise
I set up my house for my fiancee @ConnieGilmore for her 50th birthday. She was so surprised and I’ll share her reaction in another video.

#blacklove #50thbirthday #birthdaysurprise
@Nurse Channie Bride To Be is in the makekp chair and and got her face beat! MUA Jennifer Thorpe Beauty

Planner @Jennifer Rose Events
#weddingtiktok #makeup #weddingmakeup
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