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Rosanne Rust MS RDN


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Are you worried about lectins?
Let’s chew the facts.

Lectins are present in high amounts in RAW beans. But do you eat raw beans? No. Canned beans are cooked. Raw beans are soaked for several hours, then cooked.
Lectins are also high in RAW oats and raw wheat (like wheat germ). If you eat your oats cooked, lectins arent an issue, and they’re a great source of soluble fiber.

Foods that contain lectins actually have some health benefits ➡️There is quite a bit of evidence that shows that lectin-containing foods like legumes, whole grains, and nuts are associated with lower rates of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

They also slow down digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates, which may prevent sharp rises in blood sugar and high insulin levels - a good thing for snyobe wuth metabolic syndrome or diabetes.

Bottom line: dont worry about lectins. Avoid RAW beans & grains.

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Replying to @Dee I love the idea of baking homemade goodies. However, im offering some light humor to bring home the point that, in reality, many busy parents don’t have this luxury. Some people experience so much daily stress that a packsged treat may lift up their day a little. In our school district many underprivileged children got to school with no breakfast. Being given a Pop Tart & milk before class supported their learning. Some breakfast is better than no breakfast. 🙏

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Come on a bee 🐝 garden tour with me!

According to the Savannah Bee Company owner, Ted Dennard, every bee colony visits over five hundred million flowers a year 😳Whoa.

Here are some fun facts about bees 🐝 and honey 🍯:

🐝 “The Bee Movie” got it all wrong. Boys don’t do any of the work in a bee colony! Drones are the male bees. They fly fast and their sole purpose is to mate. They die in 90 days.
🐝 Worker bees are the smallest bees. They are non-reproducing females (yep, the ladies do all the real work).
🐝 Workers serve the Queen bee. They feed her, and any larvae. They guard the hive entrance. They fan their wings to cool down the hive. They come and go to collect nectar and create the hive comb.
🐝 Worker bees create holes in a circular tube, in rows in the wax comb. As heat formed by the activity of the bees softens the wax, the wax hardens to create the vomb structure.
🐝 Young workers secrete a substance called “royal jelly” from their heads. The Queen natures and grows larger because she’s fed this royal jelly.
🐝 The Queen lives 2-5 years, and mates with numerous drones to produce more worker bees.
🐝 Without bees, we’d be missing a lot of food crops. Bees pollinate 80% of the planys we eat.

Honey 🍯 comes from the natural nectar that bees retrieve from flowers after they return from pollinating. The nectar is deposited in the honeycomb and breaks down into simple sugars. Of course nutritionally honey is simply a sugar made up of fructose & glucose.

Depending on its source, bees produce different varietals of honey that vary in color and flavor. 🐝 Check out the Chew the Facts blog for more info - The Amazing Work of Bees.

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