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“Your Mindset Is Your Superpower” Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author, Filmmaker

Today is the best day to get started, take action, follow through and be a purpose pusher!

Dreams on a shelf or in a notebook will only expire when you expire, so take action while there’s still time on the clock! While there’s still breath in your lungs! And While you still have a dog in the fight!

You got this! We are almost at the last quarter of the year! A lot can happen in 90 days! Believe for it! Let’s go!

Say these affirmations with me to empower your walk this week!

✨I am capable of achieving my dreams, and I have the determination to make them a reality.
✨I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning on my journey to success.
✨ My mindset and what I believe brings me closer to my dreams; I trust the process and stay committed.
✨I believe in myself, my abilities, and my vision, and I take consistent action to manifest my dreams.

Leave me a ❤️ after you’ve said these. Share with a friend whom you can inspire!

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When I learned to cheer for me, that’s when everything else fell into place!

If you’re not selling consistently- ask yourself if you’re posting consistently. It’s a known fact that sometimes it takes 12 times for someone to see your book before they decide to purchase a copy.

Anything you’re selling, never be afraid to post, promote or shout about it from the hilltops! Not everyone sees your posts every single day, so you have to be unapologetic about talking about your book, your offer, your course etc. because on the RIGHT day, the person who needs your message will see it.

Be good with you and be good with sharing the goodness in you! No matter how many times you have to show up, just show up! You have be your biggest fan in order to cultivate community and yield consistent sales for your business.

Authors, leave a comment with the name of your book! Share your gift with our community! ❤️ We want to root for you and support you!

Looking to learn more ways to generate book sales on repeat? Join me online on September 28th at 6pm for the “1000 Book Sales Class.” The link to sign up for the masterclass is in my BIO. See you there! It’s go time!

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It's the first of the month. If you want to get the best out of the month, then you have to be intentional for the rest of the month.

Success is not by accident; it comes from careful planning and taking action. With four months left in the year, I want you to be focused, intentional, and purposeful. Here are three things you need to do to win for the rest of the year:

✨SET INTENTIONS: Today, think about everything you want to accomplish this month. Sit down and create a roadmap to get there. Treat your life like a GPS system. When you know where you're going, you can plan and predict the turns and changes that need to happen. Planning accordingly will keep you from getting lost.

✨TAKE ACTION: You can't become what you don't act upon. This month, I want you to have the audacity to believe in everything you want to become, and then I want you to go out there and get it, unapologetically.

✨BE PURPOSEFUL: Everything you want is on the other side of purpose. Be relentless in pursuit of your purpose and dreams. You often hear me say I want to die empty. What that means is, I want to bring forth everything that God has put in my heart before I leave this earth, and I encourage you to do the same. Take your purpose and make it real.

If you're truly committed to transforming your life and achieving your dreams, then join me in the upcoming cohort of the I Am a Millionaire Mindset Academy, starting on October 7th. Become a part of a dynamic community of purpose-driven women who are unapologetically pursuing their passion, purpose and aspirations. Be bold, sis! Your future self will thank you!


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