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Healing my body with holistic medicine led me to fall in love with the reality that the body heals when we give it what it needs to thrive.

I know it's scary to try something new.

It's scary to go all in and give up the foods and habits that make you feel comfortable and cozy.

I also know how challenging it is to live with symptoms every day.

And worse than that... how frightening it is to think about where your life will be in 1 year or 5 years if you do nothing to change the state of your health.

You're so close.

You've searched for answers for a long time.

You feel like you've tried EVERYTHING!

But you're not seeing any improvements in your health.

Sometimes you get a glimmer of hope when you have a good day or you hear a story of someone who healed their body naturally.

But you wonder why you're different.

I see you!

There's hope for you!

And I know it's possible for you to heal because I guide people like you every day.

I'm honored to do this work... and I've made it my life's mission to help people like you get their life back!


Because I get you! There was a time I lived in your shoes!

I promise there is so much room for improvement.

Take the leap and invest in yourself.

You are worth it.

Those who love you deserve to have you at your best!

Not sure where to start?

1. Head to Amazon. Grab my book - Healed His Way. Implement some things on your own.

2. Shoot me a message here and let's chat if you're ready for guidance and a step by step plan so you can get to feeling like yourself again 💝

#pathtoHealing #healingjourney #selfhealing #collectivehealing #goWithin #selfhealers #Godhasyourback #trusttheprocess #wellnesswithin #wellnesswithinme #gowithyourgut
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How do you know if you’re dealing with an underlying gut issue? 🤔

If you’ve already tried food elimination and loads of supplements and still aren’t getting results, there could be more to the story.

𝗜𝗠𝗕𝗔𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗘𝗦 in your gut can lead to things like:

💩Autoimmunity - Hashimoto’s, celiac, arthritis
💩Insomnia or waking in the night
💩Skin rashes like acne, eczema, or psoriasis
💩Allergies or weak immune health
💩Sugar cravings or desire for unhealthy food
💩Unexplained fatigue or sluggishness

Food can be a great form of medicine for the body, but in this situation, it’s best to address
👉Detox organs
👉Bacterial imbalances
👉Stomach acid
👉As well as any emotional components that could be driving the symptoms

Not sure where to start??

If you’re looking for help, that’s exactly what I do. 🤗

Check out the link in my profile on my 6 step process and message me when you’re ready for guidance 🙌

#gutinflammation #automunity #hashimoto #celiac #arthritis #insomnia #acne #eczema #psoriasis #allergies #immune system #sugarcravings #exhausted #naturalhealthsolutions #gowithyourgut
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Digestive enzymes may be helpful for short periods of time.

There are certain digestive enzymes on the market that are targeting those with gluten sensitivity or lactose intolerance.

While these enzymes may be helpful if you are accidentally exposed in a restaurant, these enzymes are not recommended for regular use if you have a true sensitivity or intolerance to the food.

Each time you were exposed to a food, your intolerant to you create an inflammatory response in the body.

Enzymes may produce the desired effect, meaning your symptoms associated with eating these foods may be lessened, but they still have a negative effect on the body.

If you know, you have a true food sensitivity or intolerance, it’s best to remove the food altogether while working to address what’s causing the underlying issue.

If you’re looking for support with your nutrition, my nutrition guide is a great place to start.

Grab the link in my profile for a list of foods and a guide to help you eat right to fuel your body’s needs.

#LactoseIntolerance #GlucoseIntolerance #GlutenIntolerance #FoodIntolerance #FoodSensitivity #FoodSensitivities #FoodGuide #NutritionGuide #NutritionGuidelines #Nutrition #NutritionTruth #DigestiveEnzymes #ProteolyticEnzymes #betterdigestion
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Imagine having a health issue for 20 years that was so severe you could barely leave your house.

would you give up or continue searching for answers?

This is exactly what happened to one of my clients.

She had been to multiple doctors throughout the years, drastically changed her diet, cleaned up all the toxins in her skin care and home, and appeared to be doing everything right.

Problem is, even with her healthy lifestyle, she wasn’t getting results.

She had #PCOS #ThyroidIssues #HormoneInBalanceIs #bloodsugarimbalance #Parasites #SIBO or #SmallIntestinalBacterialOvergrowth #HeavyMetalToxicity #FungalOvergrowth

If we want to heal, we have to first understand what’s causing the chaos, and then we have to honor the body and its systems that are in place.

If we create protocols based on that knowledge, then we give the body the best chance to heal.

This, mixed with wisdom from above, lots of love, emotional support, and bathed in prayer!

This is how she started to get well for the first time after spending hours of her life every day running to a toilet seat.

Could you imagine gaining your life back after all those years?

If you’re struggling in your health, consider this …

It’s possible for you to!

What would your life look like if you didn’t have to worry about the health issues you’re dealing with every single day?

And even more important, what if you do nothing about it?

Do something today to move yourself in the right direction if you know the next step to take.

If you’re unsure what the next step is, send me a message and let me know you’re ready for support and I would love to have a conversation to see if it’s a good fit for me offer you the same guidance or connect you with the next piece to your puzzle.
Replying to @Taylor K825
Our skin is our largest detox organ but it’s also a good picture of the health of our insides.

When you have skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dryness, itches, psoriasis, there are a few different areas you may want to look at so you can address the root.

1. Blood sugar imbalances. When blood sugar goes out it causes insulin and androgens to rise, increases oil production, and then it produces acne.

2. Environmental toxins or toxic skin care products.

3. Inflammation from poor lifestyle choices or the food you’re eating.

4. Nutritional deficiencies

5. Digestive issues like low stomach acid or infections.

6. Hormone imbalances

The key to remember about acne or other skin conditions is that it’s driven by something on the inside and is not an external problem.

This is why creams, lotions, potions do not always help. They don’t address what’s causing the issue and it will continue until you address it at the root.

#Acne #AdultAcne #HormoneImbalances #BloodSugarimBalances #Rosacea #DrySkin #ItchySkin #Psoriasis #AutoimmuneSkinCondition #Inflammation #LifestyleChoices #EnvironmentalToxins #ToxicSkinCare #NutritionalDeficiencies #DigestiveIssues #LowStomachacid #HormoneImbalance #RootCauseMedicine #addresstherootcause #internalmedicine
If you ever struggle with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or stomach pain, you are right up there with two out of three other Americans.

After struggling with IBS, constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and trying every candida cleanse under the sun, I could never get my symptoms under control.

If you find yourself, nodding in agreement, you know how embarrassing these problems can be.

After 30 years, I finally found a natural approach that worked.

Digestion is meant to be automatic, but sometimes things get a little off-track.

Bloating and excess gas is commonly caused by candida overgrowth, inflammatory, bowel, disease, and SIBO, or small, intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

you should be having one to three bowel movements per day, and if not, then you’re constipated. It may lead to complications like hemorrhoids in fissures.

It’s commonly caused by candida, overgrowth, dehydration, medication’s, and even conditions like hypothyroidism.

Diarrhea or loose, watery stools, lasting longer than four weeks can be driven by overuse of antibiotics, food poisoning, heavy metal, toxicity, stress, viruses, and parasite infections.

If you have chronic digestive issues, is your doctor addressing these things?

If not, please connect with me and I would love to help you look into this a little further.

You don’t have to continue to let digestive issues hold you back for a living your best life.

#Bloating #Constipation #Diarrhea #StomachPain #IBS #IrritableBowelSyndrome #Anxiety #Depression #GutBrainConnection #CandidaCleanse #ParasiteCleanse #Detox , #AutoImmunity #IBD #IrritableBowelDisease #SmallIntestinalBacterialOvergrowth #sibo #Antibiotics #Probiotics #foodsensitivities
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A physical health journey is not only physical, especially in the world of detox and gut healing!

When we go on a physical detox to help clean up the body, we expect it to be a physical experience.

We get caught off guard when emotions start to surface that we feel we've dealt with in the past.

Sometimes these emotions have actually been stuffed down and never dealt with.

Emotional cleansing is part of the physical detox.

The emotions surface because they are asking us to deal with them.

Give yourself some grace through this process.

Instead of covering up the emotion with food or supplements, pause a minute.

This part of the journey is the most difficult, but if we embrace it, it gives us space to heal and grow.

Many times are symptoms come back because the emotional components were never dealt with.

If you've been on this health roller coaster and feel like you're repeating the same story over and over again in your own health journey, I encourage you to consider this often missing component.

If you need support with this, reply here or send me a message and I'd love to offer additional insight and support.

#emotionalcleanse #physicalcleanse #emotionaldetox #mindbodydetox #mindbodyconnection #toxicity #toxicityjourney #wholebodycleanse #mindbodyspirit #mentalclarity #brainfog #bii #biijourney #breastimplantillness
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Did you know that many health issues are rooted in a LEAKY GUT?

The gut is connected to EVERY organ system, which means symptoms can appear anywhere in the body - skin, brain, lungs, sinuses, mouth, genitals, bladder...you name it.

Leaky gut can lead to a range of symptoms like skin problems, brain fog, hormone imbalances, frequent illness, and weight gain.

Studies link leaky gut to autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions.

Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked by Conventional Medicine, but it’s time to take it seriously.

Introducing “Go With Your Gut” - a program dedicated to understanding and healing the gut for better overall health.

If you’re struggling with weight gain, skin issues, brain fog, or hormonal imbalance, you might be dealing with leaky gut.

Let’s talk about healing your gut. Drop a comment below ⬇️

#GoWithYourGut #LeakyGut #GutHealth #HolisticHealth #Wellness #Healing #TakeControlOfYourHealth #EducateYourself #HealFromWithin #leakygutsyndrome #leakyguthealing #leakygutrepair
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I believe way too many people are on restrictive diets, hoping to get rid of chronic symptoms that seem to pop up time and time again.

These symptoms are not happening by chance. They are result of imbalances in the body.

After suffering for 30 years with digestive issues and hormone imbalances, I realized the body wants to heal.

We just have to give it what it needs in order for it to do so.

3 reasons your cleanses aren’t working, and why your symptoms keep coming back:

1️⃣ You’re not addressing the real problem!

There are many types of infections and imbalances in the body and gut that can drive symptoms.

When working to heal, the gut, there is a method to the madness.

Candida overgrowth can cause

#ChronicFatigue #BrainFog #PoorDigestion #RecurringYeastInfections #foodSensitivities #SkinInfections #NailInfections #weekimmunesystem #LowMood #jointpain

If you’re experiencing these and not resolving them with a cleanse, it’s time to dive a little deeper.

2️⃣ You’re going back to the same diet that got you stuck.

You shouldn’t have to stay on restrictive eating plans forever, but if you’re not resolving the underlying issue of these infections, then starchy foods, grains, and even dairy and sugar can feed the problem.

3️⃣ Due to environmental exposure, you may have heavy metal toxicity.

If you have chronic infections and heavy metal toxicity, this will create the perfect storm.

It’s almost impossible to get rid of infection without addressing heavy metal toxicity.

These pathogens will use metals as a defense mechanism to prevent you from destroying them.

Your plan must address the whole picture!

When you have the right labs and protocols, you can address this once and for all.

Drop your questions about candida overgrowth or chronic gut infections…

#ChronicGutinfection #Candida #candidaalbicans
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Do you love summer as much as I do?

With summer comes a lot of toxicity… especially in those chemical laden bug sprays. We use while sitting by the lake or enjoying time in our backyard.

Here’s two ways you can get rid of the bugs and bug bites without all the toxic effects.

1. Make your own nontoxic #BugSpray

If you’re used to using something like OFF then you may want to add a little bit of power behind your natural bug spray so it gets the job done.

Essential oils are great way to do that. Grab a bottle of natural bug spray like badger and add 20 drops of Terrashield essential oil to that.

Spray yourself and your kids down while you’re outside. You can even use it on your pets!

2. Kick the pest control companies out of your home if they are using toxic chemicals.

You can make your own nontoxic bug spray. This even works on the big guys like scorpions.

Use the same essential oil, Terrashield. At about 60 drops to a spray bottle with a couple ounces of ethanol, and fill the rest with water.

spray your doorways, windowsills, and any other areas those pesky guys like to come in – once per week.

Reducing toxins around your home is just as important as eating, organic and reducing the amount of toxins in your food.

Comment the word BUGS below and I’ll send you a link to get a discount on your bug spray starter pack!

#nontoxicLiving #Toxicity #NontoxicHome #NontoxicLifestyle #NontoxicCleaning #NontoxicBugSpray #cleanlivinginstyle #cleanlivingrecipes #detoxing #detoxlife #detoxlifestyle #cleanlivingjourney
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A little coaching for you today…

When embarking on a health journey, the concept of “cheating” often arises.

It’s common to hear someone say, “I follow a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet, but on the weekends, I cheat.”

This often leads to feelings of guilt and self-blame.

Instead of labeling choices as cheating, let’s align with the person we aspire to be in the future.

Remember, when you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself.

Strive for consistency and make decisions that support our well-being.

#glutenfree #DairyFree #Sugarfree #cheatmeals #HealthJourneyMindset #NourishYourself #PositiveChange #WellnessJourney #HealthyDecisions #SelfBelief #ProgressNotPerfection #SelfLoveJourney #MindfulEating #ConsistencyIsKey #WellbeingMatters
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Is eating at 5 to 6 miles per day the best strategy for blood sugar balance?

Here are a few things to consider:

💥Disrupts gut motility💥
This can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

💥Increases insulin levels💥
Each time you eat, your body releases insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

Eating frequent small meals can cause insulin levels to remain elevated throughout the day, which may increase the risk of insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders.

💥Doesn’t allow for proper digestion💥
Digestion is a complex process that takes time and energy.

Eating frequently impacts stomach acid and can prevent your body from fully digesting and absorbing the nutrients from each meal.

💥May promote overeating💥
Eating small meals frequently can make it difficult to gauge how much you’re actually eating, leading to overeating and weight gain.

#MetabolismReset #MetabolismBoosting #ChronicIllnessDiet #FastMetabolismDiet #MetabolicSyndrome #MetabolicFlexibility #MetabolismBooster #BoostMetabolism #MetabolicBalance #FunctionalNutrition #GutHealthy #GutHealthMatters #Healthy #HealthyLiving #metabolismbooster
Here are five reasons why a gluten-free diet may not be healthy for individuals who do not have gluten-related disorders:

Lack of essential nutrients: Gluten-free products are often made with refined flours, which lack the fiber, vitamins, and minerals present in whole-grain gluten-containing products.

This can lead to nutrient deficiencies if the diet is not balanced.

Higher sugar content: Gluten-free products often contain higher amounts of sugar and fat to compensate for the lack of texture and flavor provided by gluten-containing products. This can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Cost: Gluten-free products can be more expensive than their gluten-containing counterparts, which can make it difficult for some individuals to follow a gluten-free diet.

Limited food choices: Following a gluten-free diet can limit food choices, which can make it difficult to get a balanced diet and can contribute to social isolation.

Cross-contamination: Avoiding gluten can be challenging because many foods are processed in facilities that also process gluten-containing products. This can lead to unintentional exposure to gluten, which can be harmful to individuals with gluten-related disorders.

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A complete gut healing protocol is the best way to heal your gut naturally after birth control use.

If you want to look at the current state of your hormones to address the root cause, you can use stool testing now and advanced hormone testing after you’ve been off birth control for about three months to help address what’s causing your imbalances.

What makes Dutch hormone Testing different is that it captures more information about your hormones in one simple test. It offers a uniquely comprehensive look at the hormones, showing risk factors for conditions such as prostate or breast cancer, for example.

This in-depth look at the hormones allows you to better address the underlying cause of imbalance, rather than using a hormone or medication to put out fires related to symptoms. It offers insight so you can address the cause in a more natural way.

Comment DUTCH if you want more details

#healthyhormones #happyhormones #hormonesbalance #balancehormones #hormonesmatter #healinghormones #hormoneimbalance #hormonesupport #PMSSymptoms #Bloating #perimenopausesymptoms #ChronicCandida #Bacterialinfection #DigestiveIssues #parasites #dutchtest #EstrogenDominance #lowprogesterone #highcortisol #periodproblems #womenshealthover40 #womenover40 #birthcontrolproblems #sibo
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