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Chase After The Right Price


We make videos about reselling and collecting video games. Check out my YouTube!



Pros and Cons of Trading my Xbox Series X #videogames#retrogames #nintendo created by Chase After The Right Price with Chase After The Right Price's original sound - Chase After The Right Price
The Most INSANE Garage Sale Haul! #ad #getcheesy #eatcheddies
Here's some of the highlights of what we found, and how @eatcheddies managed to find its way into the haul... Cheddies are a real cheese cracker that our team has fallen in love with, and we really think you will too. Click here to get some! https://bit.ly/ChaseCheddies
$400 Funko Pop Scam... #funkopop #funko #funkopopcollection

We recently got this in a collection, only paid a couple bucks for it but we were pretty disappointed when we realized it was fake.
Repairing a Cheese-Covered Video Game.
@eatcheddies #eatcheddies #getcheesy #videogames #ps2 #retrogames #refurbish
SkyGuy is repairing old video game discs with HEAVY scratches, but got a bit distracted eating Cheddies… one of our new favorite snacks. Can we still get this disc clean?
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