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Frankie Anne


genderfluid folk witch 🌿follow me on insta and youtube 🌿 v1b3 giv3away ⬇️




Being the Witchy Friend

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non witchy bf content

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plants 🌿

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haunted antique store 🔦

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b0ne throws 🦴

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witchy thrift 🧵

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spell walkthroughs

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folk witchcraft

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book recs 🌿

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tarot recs ✨

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achievement unlocked

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dating a witch 101

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beg of practice v. now

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A Real Witch Rates 👀

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Sht Witches Say ❤️‍🔥

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Veiling ✨

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Deity Candles🕯

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Witchy Tips🪞

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a 🌶🌶🌶 way to cast your spells. link in profile. #witchesoftiktok #foryoupage #trending #practitioner  created by Frankie Anne with Frankie Anne's original sound
✨grwm for my job at a metaphysical store✨ thank you to @kamavkosmetics , an amazing Rroma owned beauty brand, for sending me a promo package & allowing me to add your products to my daily makeup staples. #grwm #metaphysicalstore #protection
#duet with @diamond_dog74 Time to show up & support an amazing creator. If youre not interesred in the raffle, you can get amazing beadwork from Diamond at Nerdy Native Beadwork (my lovely piece is shown!) Make sure you email proof of donation. #raffle #giveaway .
a little #witchytip i’ve been using a lot recently when i’m running late to work or dance ✨ throw in a prayer to the crossroads spirits of your tradition to boost this! #openroads #folkwitch #witchytip #practitioner #runninglate
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