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Replying to @Little Home Corner Comparing your life to others' can often make you feel like you're falling behind, especially when it comes to relationships.

But as someone that did the whole buy a house, get married and adopt two pers (and since got divorced and had to start all over) let me tell you, being single is *NOT* a setback – it's a beautiful chapter of self-discovery and personal growth that you gotta use to your advantage.

Instead of focusing on timelines set by society or your friends, embrace the journey you're on. Use this time to develop a deeper relationship with yourself, explore your passions, and build a strong foundation for your future. It’s the one single time you’re going to get to spend enitrely on your own, so use that to define who you are without anyone else in the picture.

Remember, everyone's path is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all timeline for success. Your worth isn't defined by your relationship status. So, cherish this single season, and when the right time comes, you'll be even more prepared for the love that's meant for you. #singlelifebelike😊 #thesingleonesinthegroup #chantellethecoach #thesinglegirlsguidetolife #lovebeingsingleandindependent #hatebeingsinglerightnow
Here’s what I think we can learn about the quarter life crisis from the Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas divorce reports and references to “feeling trapped”. #quarterlifecrisisedition #chantellethecoach #sophieturnerjoejonas #gettingdivorced2020 #lifeafterdivorcewithchildren Disclaimer: I’ve no qualifications in the quarter-life crisis but did a whole tonne of reading and studying around it after I got divorced aged 26 and was looking to understand what the heck went on 😅
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