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Kevin Scott Chambers


God, Roper, Cowboy, Well Driller. 33 Oregon Be kind when there is no kindness

Replying to @Britt universal laws of physics apply everywhere. They can be and have been measured numerous times #flatearthdebunked #flatearth #science #physics
Replying to @raptorraptor815 #greenscreen theres no evidence that the Earth is flat. #flatearth #idiots
Replying to @susang847 #greenscreen raising minimum wage does not work for raising people out of poverty or making a liveable wage.
Replying to @susang847 #greenscreen actually your comment is wrong. Prices were holding steady until Biden.
#stitch with @More Perfect Union this strike will destroy the auto industry. Prices on cars will quadruple. The argument this person makes is invalid. #union #strike #workers #badidea
Replying to @bamf303 #greenscreen production not reserves.
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