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Drew Evans-Arcenas


creating amazing works of sculpture from reclaimed metal and sharing the journey



Thank you to everyone who came out and visited my booth at the Iowa Pop Art Festival at Newbo in Cedar Rapids last Saturday! It was a really amazing day with gorgeous weather and over 100 other awesome local artists exhibiting their creations!

I recently finished building the walls for my booth over the past couple of weeks. I shot some footage of that process that I will share soon. The walls are made from lumber that I salvaged from an old shed. The darker ones are lined with carpet and the lighter ones are lined with curtains procured from the thrift store. I'm enjoying playing around with materials to see what works best. I've found having walls of different colors to be beneficial as some of the work looks better on a lighter backdrop and some on a dark wall.

This festival was also my first attempt at featuring a video display to show off more of my work and process to festival goers. The display is a computer screen that I picked up at goodwill connected to a laptop and a very heavy lead acid sump pump battery with a power converter the other side of the wall. The battery can run the display for about 20 hours. I'm looking into swapping the lead acid battery for lithium cells and modifying the display to increase the brightness.

Are you an artist who does festivals? What challenges have you had to overcome with optimizing your booth setup?
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