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Central Park Conservancy


From restorations to maintenance, we care for the entire Park—with your help.




Birding in Central Park

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Gate of the Exonerated

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Squirrels of Central Park

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Seneca Village

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#BlackBirdersWeek began in 2020 to highlight the challenges and joys of Black conservationists. Join Lauren, PhD student and Black Birders Week Planning Team Member, as she shares the wonder of the birding community and the importance of inclusive and diverse outdoor experiences.
Central Park is (literally) for the birds—and the bird watchers! 🐥 As birds experience the impact of #ClimateChange , hear from birder and NYC Audubon Urban Biodiversity Specialist Tod on why it is important to maintain natural areas in the Park, especially for migratory birds.

Our #CentralParkConservancy staff experts care for the Park’s meadows and woodland landscapes, such as the Hallett Nature Sanctuary. As we celebrate spring migration, explore Central Park through the eyes of birder and NYC Audubon Public Program Manager Roslyn. Join her on a birding journey and learn about the importance of protecting the Park’s biodiversity to serve New York City’s wildlife.
Oak Bridge was built in 1860 as one of the major entrances to #CentralPark ’s Ramble. In 2009, the #CentralParkConservancy reconstructed Oak Bridge with more durable materials, but carefully designed it to look like the original structure.
Thanks to the ongoing work of the #CentralParkConservancy 's landscape architects, the Park has become essential to New Yorkers' wellbeing. This #WorldLandscapeArchitectureMonth , learn about the impact of landscape architecture in an urban setting from our project manager and landscape architect, Jennifer!
🌸 Showering your feed with #CentralPark ’s flowers! 🌼 Don’t forget to use #CentralParkBloomWatch to see the boom of blooms unfold.

There are many animals that call #CentralPark home, and the #CentralParkConservancy is proud to care for their habitats! While a variety of wildlife thrives in the Park’s 843 acres, domestic animals are not as well equipped. Hear from an Urban Park Ranger, Nick, on what to do when you see an animal that doesn’t belong.
Central Park’s lawns are now open! As you plan your next Park adventure, help the #CentralParkConservancy staff who care for the lawns keep these them healthy with these easy tips:

🌱 Use blankets and cloth materials, which are gentle on the Park's lawns, for your picnic spread.

🌱 Leave tarps, plastic, and inflatable couches at home. These materials heat up easily and can burn the grass below them—even in just a few hours.

🌱 Protect the Park’s lawns by carrying your garbage out with you and keeping it out of the landscapes.

It’s #CherryBlossom season in Central Park! Find out when and where these blossoms are peaking with our free Spring Guide, available at the link in our bio.

This #WomensHistoryMonth , discover the story of sculptor Sally James Farnham and her statue of Simón Bolívar! Learn more about the women who shaped Central Park on one of our #OfficialCentralParkTours .
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