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Michael A Castaneda


Full-Time Traveler & Reseller 👇 Helpful Tools 👇



Reply to @castanedastyles The first #tiktokstrategy I told her to do this & what to look for. #growthstrategy #howtogrowonsocialmedia #greenscreen
Reply to @echofinds I like to post between 1-4 times per day, but I use the hero, hub, hygiene method & it's super helpful. #tiktokgrowth
Reply to @daeee94 My main strategy is based on this creation method. My wife will apply this to her content too. #tiktokgrowthstrategy #createcontent
Reply to @bizchotre Here is my favorite Google Sheet 😁 tracking this has paid off in the past. #googlesheetstips #googlesheetstip #carsoftiktoktok
Reply to @jcradiosuperstar c'mon man, give me some credit 😭 I'ma review everything & already have a few videos up 😁 #tiktokstrategy
Reply to @ceciphar That's a mindset I can't subscribe to. Growth comes from #hardwork an ability to adapt & fail forward. #stayhumble
Reply to @jj02101 here are a few I use to run my #onlinebusiness . I have a few more, but these are the main ones #onlinebusinesstips #rvlifefulltime
#stitch with @mmmmmray you are the most recent stranger who taught me something, so ty 🙏 #lifeadvicetiktok #learneveryday
Reply to @heykoral 😂😂 That 10 foot rule is a nice one 😂 #paintingcars #autobodyworld #carrepairlife
Reply to @britbratt99 here are the steps to connect a spreadsheet to a Google form #googletipsandtricks #googleformsurveys
Reply to @mmmmmray I'm in bed by 8-ish, but fall asleep around 10pm. My wife & I will watch stuff before going to sleep 💤 #earlymorningringcheck
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