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Cassie Scroggins | Mom Life


Real Mom Life + Mom Humor + Rediscover YOU Your best mom friend 🤍


Lazy Mom Hacks

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Rediscovering my style

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“Oh just be grateful, youll miss these times”…🫠

We cant talk about the hard stuff without being met with:
-just be grateful
-you’ll miss this
-you should have thought about that before having kids
-shouldn’t have spread your legs if you could handle this
-so you hate being a mom?

As if talking about the hard stuff somehow means we hate motherhood or regret our decision.

Becoming a mom comes with a massive life shift. In such a short time your priorities change, your body changes, your relationship dynamic changes, your identity changes, and societies view and expectations of you changes.

That is really really hard. Then you add caring for another human, with all the added love, stress, and exhaustion that goes with it.

But were not supposed to talk about that. 🫠 were not supposed to talk about the hard parts of motherhood. So we don’t. Instead we say “its amazing” even if it doesnt feel that way.

And It can make motherhood feel that much more isolating. Like only YOU are struggling.

But you’re not. You’re not alone. And its OK to talk about the struggles. I know you love your kids. I know that doesnt mean you hate motherhood. I know. WE know.

And the more we talk about the struggles and normalize them, understanding that we still love our kids and love being moms! The less lonely we will all feel, and the more prepared new moms will be.

I see you mama 💕

#newmomlife #momidentity #motherhoodstruggles #momstruggles #maternalmentalhealth #momsmentalhealth #ppd #ppa #momsupport
Replying to @LiAnne What bra to wear with bodysuits and tight tank tops?

Comments always coming in clutch with the recommendations 🙌🏻

Millennial mom updating and rediscovering her style part 6: Trying @CAKES Body to replace my swim suit pad inserts 😅

I tried the Cakes body originals and Cakes (+) plus and heres my review!

So glad you guys reccomended these! I will aslo have everything linked in my LTK!!

#cakesbodyreview #momfashioninspo #momootd #momstyleoutfits #millennialmom #updatingmillenialoutfits #millennialfashion #genzfashionstyle
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