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#REALLYGOODDRONESHOT For this little hiking adventure I took my trusty DJI mini 2 drone with me. I'd love an upgrade to continue capturing epic moments while traveling the world but more like a PRO with the DJI Mavic 3 pro 🌍🤞🏽 #droneshot #travelcontentcreator #djimini2 #djiofficial
Today is World Environment Day so I wanted to post this and remind vou that small actions do matter!
Don't only pick up the rubbish you see Make an effort to reduce your own rubbish, especially plastics. Thank you 😜
l've seen with my very own eyes the constant damage done to our planet and it is incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating. It might feel like a lost battle but the worst thing we can do is giving up and stop caring.
To educate yourself more in the matter check out take3forthesea
#worldenvironmentday #scubadivinglife #beatplasticpollution #savetheocean #oceanlover #cleantheocean
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