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Caroline Davis


YA sci-fi author. Fierce girls+🏝️🌊+ 🔪🩸. Repped by agency behind Hunger Games

Looking for an undiscovered read? 📚

I’m taking my book through a round of beta readers before my agent and I pitch it to publishers in January! This is your last chance to read my story before it (🤞🏼hopefully) disappears into the Publishing Machine and pops out as a book 2 years later. 👵🏻 yes, this process is slow.

I’ve only done one other beta round back in 2021, and oh sea slugs has the story evolved since then! I can’t wait for you to peek into my dark twisty mind and be like, “ah yes, that explains a lot.”

There is action, there is angst. Underwater competitions and creepy sea gods-worshipping cults. Ocean and island settings that will make you’ll be like dagnabbit I want to keep reading but I also want to go jump in the ocean. 🌊

I’ll be gathering beta readers until Friday October 20th, so share this with your reader friends and make it a buddy read! Comment BETA below 👇

In the minimal meantime, if you need a good read NOW, check out these awesome YA sci-fi / dystopian faves of mine. They’ll put ya in the perfect headspace for my book 😉 :

🩸The Grace Year, Kim Liggett
🎮Warcross, Marie Lu
🏜️Dustborn, Erin Bowman
🏝️The Ones We’re Meant to Find, Joan He
👑Goddess in the Machine, Lora Beth Johnson
🚀Alone Out Here, Riley Redgate
🚢The Stranded, Sarah Daniels
👩‍🚀Want, Cindy Pon

👋I’m an author preparing to pitch my YA underwater sci-fi novel, MAY WE PLEASE THE SEA, to publishers this January. 👉 follow me for behind the scenes of my writing journey, ocean fun facts, and a healthy obsession with outlining, organizing, and tracking my writing stats🤓
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