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Undecided about Carnival Capsule? Check out this review via @alldayideamoftravel

🛬 In typical ♈️ fashion, the day after arriving home at 10:00 pm from my Jamaica Carnival/4️⃣0️⃣ Birthday trip, I was back at work. I’ve been on the grind and haven’t gotten around to completing my blog (I will!)

🎯 However, I want to briefly discuss a carnival topic that gets a lot of questions: how to bring the backpack home! After paying 💰💰💰for that costume, we aren’t trying to leave it behind or get it broken.

✈️ In my experience, airline/airport staff may not be knowledgeable about transporting feathers. 🪶 There was one young woman (from my @genxsjamaica Mystic Peaks section!) who wore her backpack to the airport and @jetblue made her check it. It wasn’t in any garment bag, just out and exposed. Let’s just say, I’m not sure I want to know what it looked like when it came out of baggage at JFK. 🥵🤢😰

💼 I checked mine at the gate, though from the ticket desk to boarding, staff ranged from confused to helpful to straight up hostile regarding how to handle my oddly shaped luggage. Gotta be honest, at one point I didn’t think I was getting it home. 😢

💡 Enter @carnival_capsule. If you haven’t heard of it by now, this is a special protective wardrobe-cum-carrying case for carnival backpacks. I bought one and got to test it. With my heart ❤️ in my throat, I checked it at the gate. It was one of the first to come out of the belt once in New York. The moment of truth was when I set it down on my living room floor, eager to survey what shape my backpack was in. Well, pictures say
#sweetthousand words, so…🤗

🔌 I’m going to plug Carnival Capsule 🇧🇧 She offers videos and advice on how to pack your backpack, and great customer service – so check her out!👍

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