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👩‍💻Recruiting Strategist & Career Mentor 📧 askcareerconfidant@gmail.com


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#stitch with @Pat Pat | Digital Marketing Is it important for you to work for a company that is committed to DEI? Here are some questions you can ask your potential employer about their commitment to DEI during a job interview! Asking questions around DEI not only helps you gauge the company's commitment to DEI but also demonstrates your own dedication to fostering an inclusive work environment. 🌟 #careertiktok #deiintheworkplace #jobinterviewprep #interviewingtip #recruitertip
#stitch with @Boo Boo have you been asked to provide job references? Here are some tips to ensure your references speak highly of you! #jobreferences #charactercheck #jobapplicationadvice #recruitertok #referencesforjobs
#stitch with @Julia Haber | CEO of H\FC Did you know you can negotiate your pay with your current employer? Consider a market value assessment and see if you are paid fairly! When conducting an assesment you should consider your role, years of experience, location, industry etc. What are people in a similar role with similar experience getting paid? It does not hurt to ask for more if you are performing well and underpaid. #paynegotiations #knowyourworth #careertipsandtricks #payequitynow #recruiteradviceandtips
#duet with @Thisyou.official2 What you do outside of work can still end up on your work’s radar too! #caughtoncamera #jobtips #actright
#stitch with @Brittany Melenick here is one way to decrease your chances of getting scammed in your job search. Check out the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker to see if the job was recently reported as a scam. Help out other job seekers too by reporting a scam you experienced! #jobsearchadvice #jobscamawareness #jobscams #jobsearchsafety #recruiteradviceandtips
Replying to @DNCL You can leverage university career services for resume templates and guides! If you do not have any work experience you can add class projects, side projects, volunteer work, coursework, online learning etc that is related to the internship you are applying to. #internshiphiring #resumetemplate #resumewritingtips #collegestudentadvice #campusrecruiter #campusrecruiting #internresume #greenscreen
Replying to @✨Michael Kelly✨ Here is how to remove your graduation date from LinkedIn. These instructions are for the web browser only. Please verify if removing the graduation date is beneficial to you. Consider if graduation dates are required in your country, industry or role. If you have little to no work experience then your graduation date would be beneficial to keep on your profile! #linkedintips #linkedinprofiletips #howtolinkedin
Replying to @user7168191668860 Keep your grad date on your resume! Do the following apply to you? 1. If you are a recent graduate with little to no work experience. 2. If you want to be considered for a new grad or entry level role 3. If you want to be considered for an early career program at corporations (rotational programs, leadership development programs, new graduate programs etc,) 3. If the job description states that you must graduate within one year from college to be considered 4. Your industry or role you wish to obtain states the grad date is a requirement <<< if any of thise apply to you then keep your graduation date on your resume. The other video was for folks who have multiple years of experience / mid career who happened to go back to university after working/ or worked full time while in university #newgraduates #universitystudent #collegestudentadvice #universityrecruiter #universityrecruiting #resumetipsforstudents
Replying to @amجad if you are looking for an internship then keep your expected graduation date on your resume! A lot of internship programs will require you to be enrolled in university at the time of the internship. Keeping the expected grad date will show you meet the basic qualifications listed on the job descriptions 😀 #internshipresume #internshiprecruiting #universityrecruiting #resumetipsforstudents #greenscreen
Replying to Here is a resume template you can use to list your education. This is the bottom half or the resume. 😀These templates are from Eazl! #resumewritinghelp #resumewritingtiktok #recruiteradviceandtips #resumetemplate
#stitch with @The School of Hard Knocks should you delete your graduation year off of your resume? If you have experience in addition to your college degree then yes. If you do not have any work experience then I would still leave your graduation date on your resume so you can be considered for new graduate roles. #universityrecruiting #jobapplicationtip #resumeadviceforcollegestudents #resumeadvise
#stitch with @Female Rap Have you tried utilizing social media to land a job? Many corproations have social media accounts where they actively post and go live. Try engaging with their content, showcase your expetise and highlight your personality! #howtogethiredin2023 #jobapplicants #jobapplicationhack #socialmedianetworking
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