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Here's a question we hear all the time - when will I be able to have sex again after having an abortion? Swipe on to learn more, but #SpoilerAlert ... that decision is completely up to you! ⁠

Some conservative medical providers have advised a period of abstinence after an abortion, but in reality, there is no scientific evidence that shows any increased risk of infection caused by having sex after an abortion. Most recent medical advice is to resume having sex when you feel ready. Just remember that fertility can return very quickly after an abortion, so make sure to use a reliable method of birth control right away if you want to avoid getting pregnant. Quick PSA, we also offer a wide range of birth control and can help you decide which might work best for you. ⁠

At #carafem , we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about abortion, birth control, or STI testing and treatment. We’re here to help! ⁠#TheMoreYouKnow #MythBuster #MythBusted #Misconception #carafem #LearnOnTikTok #FYP
With such a high percentage of people believing #abortion should be legal and accessible, we wanted to put into perspective just how popular the right to abortion really is by compiling a list of what abortion has a higher approval rating than! #MedicationAbortion #Prochoice #TheMoreYouKnow #Pizza #DollyParton #TedLasso #Marvel #SCOTUS #POTUS #Congress #carafem #fyp #ForYourPage
BREAKING: #SCOTUS has temporarily preserved access to #mifepristone , one of the medications that makes up the #AbortionPill , and has rejected restrictions while a lawsuit challenging its FDA approval continues.

This means there will be no change in the access to or availability of the medication for the time being. #carafem , as always, is here for you if need medication abortion — by mail or in a health center — we got you.
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