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Negative thoughts about yourself are NOT yours.

It’s all about intent.

The intention of these thoughts is to harm and destroy you.

Who’s intention? Negative, invisible, demonic energies.

They have no power of their own. They upset you to generate negative feelings that they can feed on. They are just hungry.

You dissolve thought demons by sending them unconditional love.

They don’t like the smell of sage or frankincense.

They don’t like you being out in the woods connecting to nature.

Demons cannot stand you talking to God or reading the Bible.

If you get attacked by negative thoughts here’s a remedy:

1. Realize that these negative thoughts are not yours.
2. Send the demonic entities a burst of unconditional love.
3. Recite the 23rd psalm out loud three times.
4. Say the Lord’s prayer out loud.
5. Ask God, Jesus, and your guardian angels for divine protection, and for them to remove these demonic entities from your life and your being.

It works! Then live in awe and gratitude for God’s blessings and protection.

#positivity #positivethinking #demons #divinepower #divineprotection #23rdpsalm #powerofprayer
Replying to @Ashley | Nashville

Excellent question! Unstructured play, time in nature, art, music, daydreaming!
Replying to @Jarred Rice I get into this more deeply in my two books and online course at CapriceLea.com
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