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Lesson 4 in our Learn Along with Forrest series is all about staying on top of your bills with paycheck budgeting. This is a process that--once you set it up--means you don't have to think about which buckets you put your money into any longer.

If you're interested in making sure that every dollar you earn gets allocated in the most efficient way, budgeting by paycheck is the method for you!

When you set up your budget this way, you can ensure that each dollar is put to work properly. You can give every dollar a job and automatically bucket your money into categories like savings, bills, food and entertainment, and so on. You'll always know exactly where your money is going!

Simply write down your paychecks and any other money that comes in per paycheck or side-hustle payment. Underneath, split up your bills, spending, and savings categories among your paychecks. For some larger bills, such as rent or mortgage payments, you may need to split it up to be budgeted in sections underneath multiple paychecks. For the rest, you simply get to decide which "jobs" for your dollars go where.

Now, every time it's payday, you simply need to refer to your paycheck budget to allocate where your funds go to. No more accidentally overspending in one category, or wondering how you'll pay the bill that'll be due next week. You got this!

Budgeting by paycheck is an excellent way to stay on top of your finances. So why not give it a try next month and see how it goes?

And if you want more personalized help with your budget and finances, you can always schedule a free financial coaching session with one of our certified financial coaches at canopycu.com/coach

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There's an important budgeting tip inside of lesson #3 of our Learning Along with Forrest series!

The lesson is to take note of your non-monthly, one-off, expected and non-expected expenses and divide them up into a monthly cost.

For example, if you pay your car insurance twice a year, take that total amount and add the monthly average into your monthly budget. Similarly, if you know you can expect about $2,000 in car repairs within the next year or so, split that amount up into how much you would need to set aside in your budget every month in order to reach that number. Same goes for savings goals, holidays, potential emergencies, and so on.

When filling out your monthly budget sheet, be like Forrest the Money Sasquatch and account for those irregular expenses that are bound to happen throughout the year.

To learn more about setting up a budget specific to your situation, you can sign up for free financial coaching with us at canopycu.com/coach

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Follow along with Forrest for #FinancialLiteracyMonth with an easy-to-digest money management lesson! Today we're introducing you to the concept of bucketing your money. If you've ever tried to use a budget spreadsheet and struggled to keep it up to date, bucketing might be the solution for you!

The idea of bucketing is to set up multiple bank accounts and use each one for a specific purpose. For example, you might have one account for your housing costs, another for car expenses, another for entertainment, one for savings, and so on. That way, if you want to see if you have enough in your budget to make a specific purchase, you can simply look in the "bucket" that purchase would fall into and see if there's enough cash available to complete the transaction.

If this is a system you'd like to set up with us here at Canopy, reach out! As long as you keep the minimum of $5 in each account, there is no limit to the number of share accounts you can set up with us.

And if you'd like more personalized help setting up a budget that works for your financial situation, you can sign up for free financial coaching with us at canopycu.com/coach

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