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Campus Vote Project


We help campuses empower students to vote Part of the Fair Elections Center fam



Hi my name is Jessica Harris and ✨this✨ is why I choose my HBCU #campusvoteproject #HBCU created by Campus Vote Project with 's lofi, chill, hip hop(886723)
Replying to @loredelver the short answer? Yes. FEC Policy Director and Senior Counsel Michelle Kanter Cohen explains.

#vote #electionsecurity #election #campusvoteproject #fairelectionscenter
The Electronic Registration Information Center, commonly known as ERIC, is a non-profit membership organization created by state election officials in 2012 to help improve the accuracy of state #voter rolls and register more eligible #americans to #vote

Until a recent politically-motivated #smearcampaign 🤬, ERIC was joined by 32 states.

🔐 ERIC improves election #security and keeps voter lists accurate.

🏆ERIC is a #nonpartisan , state election official-driven resource that helps build and maintain confidence in our #elections

🤝ERIC has a long history of being used in #Republican and #Democratic controlled states

🥸ERIC protects voter #privacy

👍While ERIC is run and controlled by state members, a #bipartisan group of organizations have endorsed states using ERIC to keep voting registration lists secure and accurate.

Why would anyone leave ERIC⁉️🤨

We’ll get into that next time ☕️

#voting #votingrights #campusvoteproject
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