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Our job = connect you to volunteer & service opportunities to help Californians.

This #Barbie is a talented, motivated emerging leader serving as a Climate Action Corps Fellow. Be like Barbie and make the world 🌎 a better place! The future of pink is green 💚 #barbiegirl

🔗 in b!0
If you join #CAClimateActionCorps you 🫵🏼 might be able to meet the president one day too 👀

California Climate Action Corps Fellow Chiena Ty introduced President Joe Biden alongside Governor Gavin Newsom where they highlighted the Biden Administration’s historic action to create good-paying clean energy jobs and protect our environment for future generations. Through the leadership of Governor Newsom, California is leveraging such investments to make sure everyone in California can take climate action and make impact in their community.

First in the country, the California Climate Action Corps is part of California’s comprehensive climate strategy with the mission of empowering Californians to take meaningful action to protect their homes, health and communities against the harshest impacts of climate change. California Climate Action Corps Fellows can earn up to $43,000 in living stipends and money for school. California Volunteers is currently recruiting for next year's cohort. 🔗 to learn more in b!0 @California Governor @Josh Fryday
The #CaliforniansForAll  Youth Jobs Corps is a new program created to help underserved youth find employment focused on helping their communities.✊🏽

We are uniting youth through service by creating employment opportunities that help make our communities better places to live.🔥

➡️To learn more, visit CAYouthJobsCorps.com
Did you know that #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps is recruiting in the @cityoflosangeles 📣🔥

If you’re interested in making a difference in YOUR community 🫵🏼, learn more at http://www.CAYouthJobsCorps.com
Looking to make a difference this year? 💪🏻 #CAClimateActionCorps is seeking Fellows 🌳 Apply at ClimateActionCorps.ca.gov
Earn up to $10k to work in your #community taking #climateaction 🌳being a #tutor #mentor 📚 or combating #foodinsecurity 🍎 Become a #californiansforall College Corps Fellow at www.CACollegeCorps.com
#CAClimateActionCorps is looking for individuals who want to help by serving as Fellows for one year, with organizations working on #climateaction in their communities. 🌎

Apply at ClimateActionCorps.ca.gov.
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