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Caitriona Redmond


Food writer.

When we moved into the house originally we had grand plans of a walk in wardrobe in this attic space. Lights, rails, the lot.
Life and financial struggle got in the way and the attic became a dumping ground. It was always on the list to do. Everytime I’d open the door and “store” something else in the attic I felt guilty.
With my husband now being at home he’s on hand to take on these tasks (with the kids). Over August and into September we tackled the pile which had been 20 years in the making. We pulled up some Kallax units that we had elsewhere in the house and then used the Ikea family card to get some more units on discount.
The youngest fella calls Ikea furniture ‘adult lego’ and he’s certainly not wrong. A lot of hard work and some leftover carpet from the stairs a few years ago later and we have a walk-in storage area of my dreams.
It’s not pristine because it’s my attic, like it’s not for hosting people in. It’s a functional space! At the end of the day we are very happy with it. Some of the units pull out so we can get at the storage behind and we can see what is in here.
#home #attic #decluttering
#duet with @everyone’s grandmother #StPatricksDay this looks like a lovely recipe but please, dont say it’s Irish when it isn’t!
I am not on board with this #5to9 trend. At all. It’s #toxicproductivity as far as I’m concerned. We don’t need a #worklifebalance we need a life balance only. Work to live. Not vice versa. And get. More. Sleep!!!
#irishtiktok #irishcreator #workingmom
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