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Byron Lane


New book: BIG GAY WEDDING. Former Carrie Fisher assistant. Husband. Dog dad.



 created by Byron Lane with Byron Lane's original sound
#duet with @liltrex73 #aintsad we have all these emotions inside us!! Kids let them all out (messily sometimes 😬) and adults hopefully learn to manage them but dont be too hard on yourself emotions can be mysterious. Appproach with open heart like this amazing person did witth this sweet kid❤️ (sorry for back brace too mich time hunched over comupter ) #writerlife #mentalhealth
Replying to @itsaydrian authors really dont have too much of a say. But it would be great to have some names handy just in case! Any recommwndations?
Replying to @valeriawiththechallenger thanks for the comment. I wish i had a better answer. Ill be thinking about it and you and hope you feel better soon ❤️🙏
#duet with @ryry0913 THANKS RYAN! So glad you enjoyed my book! And go #rebelalliance 👍❤️💪 #AStarIsBored #starwars
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