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BCM is the leading resource for Bus Conversion enthusiasts.

There were 84 buses that showed up for #SkoolieUp2023 and more than 100 other rigs. There was great company and fun activities for the whole family.  • We sure hope to see you all out there on the road. 😉  created by BCM with Carly Pearl’s Daydream
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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a part of the Nomadic community and attend one of our events?

Well, you're in luck! Read on to discover the amazing experience of a
#BusLife teenager who visited Skoolie U.P. for the second time.

This event is perfect for the whole family.

Don't miss out on the chance to join in on the excitement!

#Skoolie #BusConversion #Nomads

Join us for Skoolie U.P. 2024 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from August 2nd-12th.

Registration is required.
The November issue of BCM is out now! 


Here is what we have for you this month.  

If you’re in Norway or planning to visit, you should check out the 1969 Volvo Bus Airbnb that’s featured on our cover this month.  The restoration and conversion work that went into this gem makes it an awe-inspiring place to stay.  (
@Kenneth Olsen )

Last month, John Swartley introduced us to the history of the GM Parade Futurliners. This month, he continues to educate us by sharing the current whereabouts and condition of the remaining Futurliners. 

In this month's issue of BCM, Gary Hatt shares his thoughts on what to do if you live in your bus during a societal and economic collapse. His insights on how to thrive in such circumstances can be valuable and thought-provoking. Have you ever considered what you would do in a similar situation? 


This year witnessed several bus events, and the events in New Jersey and the Midwest Bus Museum showcased a wide variety of buses. For a detailed recap of both events by David Millhouser, check out this month's issue of BCM. 

Become a member of BCM to get access to exciting stories and valuable information and access over 250 Back Issues with over 2,000 articles on Bus Conversions. Don't miss out! 

Click the link in our bio: BusConversionMagazine.com

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