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Australian Midwife 🤰🏼 New Mama to baby Z 👶🏼 Mamahood essentials 👇

It’s funny, I thought the stage of “needing” me to a very significant point, reduced as each month went past, but for us it’s quite the opposite. My almost 11 month old does more carrier naps and breastfeeding then ever. Sometimes it looks like this - calm, serene, grateful (but oh so sore on the body, 10kgs of chunk 😅) - and other times it feels like anger, claustrophobia and like I’m doing something wrong, that I’m still SO needed all day everyday. I go backward and forward almost everyday. I seem to fluctuate between thinking ‘my girl is a sensitive soul and needs me a LOT and that’s okay’, to thinking ‘why the flip aren’t you like the other kids in my mums group that sleep through, sleep in your own bed and feed a couple of times a day’ 😭Every babe is so different, we are all doing the best damn job we can and if you’re in this phase of a baby that seems like a newborn all over - I’m here with you 👏💓#australianmumsoftiktok # breastfeedingproblems😂 # mumsontiktok # australianmumsandbubs # mumsoftiktok
Pre-conception care - aka what we did before trying for a baby ✨• Blood tests. Both of us had one. We checked for all the normal things, as well as some additional measures as outlined by our naturopath. Based on this, our supplements were prescribed to suit our needs• Reducing stress - this speaks for itself but we purposefully tried to reduce our stress, and spend time relaxing more frequent - Improving diet - we reduced caffeine and alcohol intake as well as cutting out heavily processed foods. - Supplements - based on our blood work. These included vitamin D, B12, iron and choline, folate, omega 3 (algae) and a good quality prenatal vitamin (still taking most of these into my postpartum).- Acupuncture - we lived in Hong Kong at the time and embraced Chinese medicine. We both had regular acupuncture and drank Chinese herbs as guided by our Dr. I also continued acupuncture into my first trimester.- Genetic carrier testing - we did genetic carrier testing months before trying to conceive with @eugenelabsco who test for up to 200 genetic carrier conditions that you or your partner may carry. Through a super simple, non-invasive at home saliva test (spat into a tube), we found out if we had any risk factors for passing a life altering genetic condition onto our children. Something I believe every single family should do. Bumpnbub50 will give you a discount if you too want to do this important testing 🙏- Have fun and work on our relationship - this was big for me. I knew very well it could take a little while to fall pregnant (normal to try for up to 12 months as we were under 35). We wanted to have fun, enjoy the process and stay excited about having a little human join us! 💓Then came the greatest day - two lines and no looking back. Zadie entered our world 🤰🏼. #midwife #motherho odaustralia #australi anmoms #australi anmumsoftiktok #australi anmumsandbubs #labouran ddelivery #breastfe edingjourney
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