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At @SkillsUSA , both @Volvo CE and CAT had multiple simulators in their booths that were a hit with attendees.⁣

Although simulators are commonly seen as a training tool, they work well as a way to introduce kids to construction equipment like dozers and excavators for the first time. ⁣

We actually managed to catch a kid flip a virtual D8 dozer over. (WAIT TILL THE VERY END)⁣

@Aaron Witt would have been so proud! #betterdirtworld #skillsusa #construction #constructionlife #constructiontiktok #heavyequipment #heavyequipmenttiktok #dozer #bulldozer #simulation
It must be nice to have employees who double as brand ambassadors!⁣
Every day at
@Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. is a new challenge and opportunity to learn something new. These folks are innovators, problem-solvers, and safety advocates. ⁣

And if the next big job was on the moon? They'd figure that out too. Because at the end of a 12-hour day, they go home knowing they love their jobs.

#betterdirtworld #construction #constructiontiktok #safety #safetyfirst
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