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Sunrise 1,720
Sunrise 1,720*
Sunrise 1,720-1
Sunrise 1,719
Sunrise 1 v2
Sunrise 1,719/1,720
Day 1,720 / Sunrise 1,719
Sunrise attempt 1,720

I no longer know how to write this.

Part 2 of Part 2: Every Sunrise

I can’t count the number of times in the last few years, even in 2019 when I hadn’t yet reached 365, I’ve had conversations that go like this…

Someone reads, “Every sunrise since 2019.”

Them:What about if or when X happens?

Me: Every sunrise.

Them: You mean every single sunrise?

Me: Yes, every sunrise.

For four and half years my answer was a simple “Yes, every sunrise.” No ifs, no buts, no asterisks, no exceptions, through sick days, cloudy days, sleepless nights, downpours, and several other mishaps.

That changes now, and I struggle with how to comment on that. I can no longer say “I’ve watched every sunrise since 2019” and for the time being that feels a little unsettling.

Even if I do another thousand consecutive sunrises starting today (no, I m not publicly committing to that), that is still 2,718 and not 2,719.

I have always been strict on the usage of the word “every”. 1,718 out of 1,719 is not every. But to say “almost” when it’s literally a difference of six one-hundredths of a percent, seems entirely unfair to just how awfully close it is to every sunrise.

I took so much pride in saying I have watched EVERY sunrise for the last 4.5 years. To say I’ve watched most sunrises in the last 4.5 years isn’t the same. To say I’ve watched nearly every sunrise for the last 4.5 years isn’t the same. To say I’ve watched practically every sunrise for the last 4.5 years isn’t the same.

Every* now has an asterisk.
Sunrise 1,707. Sunday morning. Also, head over to @Pure Michigan on your favorite social media platform. They joined me on a fee sunriees and out a really wonderful video together. #sundaymorning #puremichigan #sunrise #lakesuperior #marquette #waves #seagull
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