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Follow along for Babs Bootcamp! Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches that your family will eat all year long - REALLY!

☀️Sheet Pan Eggs
18 eggs
1⁄3 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Optional* chopped veggie of your choice (we used red and yellow peppers)

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease an 11”x17" rimmed sheet pan with cooking spray, line with parchment paper, and spray again. In a blender, blend the eggs with the milk. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Pour the egg mixture evenly on the sheet pan and top with shredded cheese (and veggies if using.) Bake the eggs for about 15-18 minutes, until they are set. Allow the eggs to cool for a few minutes, then cut into about 12 equal squares or rounds.

While the eggs are cooking, gently toast the English Muffins in the oven until just lightly brown.

12 slices cooked bacon, sausage patties, ham, or Canadian bacon
12 lightly toasted English Muffins
12 slices cheddar cheese , or your favorite cheese
1-2 tbsp melted butter
Brush each piece of muffin with melted butter. Top each English muffin half with egg, cheese, meat, and the other half of the muffin. Wrap in parchment and label. Sandwiches can be stored in the fridge for 4-5 days and freezer for 3 months.

☀️To reheat:
From fridge, microwave for 45-60 seconds. Frozen, microwave 1:30 seconds
#mealprep #mealplanning
Did you know there are a few household items that need a check or an upgrade every year or two: dryer vents, pillows, your mobile phone! #TMobilePartner @T-Mobile
~ Dryer Vents: Move your dryer and get at that vent! A once-a-year check can prevent fires, help you save on electric bills, and keep your dryer and vents in better working order, you’ll clean out the lint and catch any issues! Plus, with a clean dryer vent, your clothes will dry quicker!
~ Pillows: When thinking about how often to replace your pillows, cleanliness is just one of the considerations. If your pillow is discolored, lumpy, or sagging or if you regularly wake up with a sore neck, it is time to change your pillow!
~ Your Phone: Is your phone not holding a charge, being too slow, all that jazz? You can upgrade it! And yes, you can upgrade it as early as every year or two with @TMobile! The best part is you don’t need a 3-year contract to do it with one of their Go5G plans! Who doesn’t love an upgrade! XO, Babs
DID YOUR MOTHER EVER TELL YOU the surprising ways you can use some everyday items? You probably have all of these in your medicine cabinet! #WalgreensPartner
~ Stuck zipper? Put some petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and rub the zipper. It will slide right open!
~ Make your fridge smell like a bakery! Soak a cotton ball or two in vanilla extract place it in a small dish on a shelf near the back and the scent will fill your fridge. Replace the cotton balls when they dry up.
~ Make a mini cleaning brush by wrapping a bit of gauze around a paper clip. Use it for dusty keyboards or anything with tiny hard to reach crevices like jewelry!
Save money by making sure it’s @Walgreens Brand - a great everyday value AND everything is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Plus, I like knowing they have trusted local pharmacists to help me with any health and wellness questions! XO, Babs
What’s better than a lobster roll? A lobster roll salad! I love this pasta salad because it’s like a huge lobster roll that feeds a crowd and is SO SO delicious!
1 lb. bacon, chopped into 1/2" pieces
2 sticks of butter
16 oz. lobster meat, cut into small chunks 4 cups water
1/2 lb. medium shells
2 celery stalks, finely chopped
1 medium red onion, finely chopped
10 oz. cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cup mayonnaise
1 large lemon, juiced (about 1/4 cup)
2 cloves garlic, grated
2 tbsp. finely chopped fresh tarragon
1.5 tsp. kosher salt
3⁄4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
In a large pot over medium heat, cook bacon, stirring occasionally, until crispy and fat has been rendered, 5 to 7 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer bacon to a large bowl. Reduce heat to low and stir butter into bacon grease. Add lobster and cook, stirring occasionally, until cooked through and firm, 4 to 6 minutes. Using the slotted spoon, transfer the lobster to the bowl with your reserved bacon. Add water to the remaining grease/butter mixture and bring to a boil. Cook pasta according to package instructions. As pasta cooks, add celery, onion, tomatoes, mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic, tarragon, salt, and black pepper to the bowl with the lobster mixture and combine. Drain pasta and let cool slightly. Add pasta to bowl and toss to combine. Serve pasta salad warm, room temperature or chilled.
#lobster #pasta #beach #pool #summer #recipe
Egg hack: cook your eggs on the grill and make my favorite egg salad! Recipe follows.
Skip the stovetop and fire up the grill to make perfectly cooked eggs for my old fashioned egg salad. I use
@Nellie’s Free Range eggs from hens raised with kindness and care in beautiful, wide open pastures, which makes for beautiful golden yolks and better flavor—essential for a great egg salad! Take $1 off your next carton of #nelliesfreerange eggs at nelliesfreerange.com/brunchwithbabs. Every little bit helps! XO Babs
Heat up your grill to around 350 degrees F. Place room temperature eggs directly on the grill and close the lid. Allow to cook for 15 minutes (more or less depending on how you like your yolks; for jammy yolks, cook for 12 minutes). Remove from the grill and place in an ice bath for 10 minutes.
Old Fashioned Egg Salad
12 large hard-boiled or grilled @nelliesfreerange eggs 1⁄2 cup mayonnaise
1⁄4 cup mustard
1⁄2 tsp kosher salt
1⁄2 tsp ground black pepper
2-3 tbsp fresh dill chopped
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp pickle juice (optional)
Let eggs cool, remove the cooked eggs from the ice bath and chop. Add the eggs to a medium bowl. Add the mayonnaise and mustard to the eggs and mix gently. Add the salt, pepper, paprika, and fresh dill to the mixing bowl. Again mix gently. Pour in a splash of pickle juice and mix to combine. Taste for seasoning because you don't want a bland salad. Add an extra pinch of salt if needed. You don't want the egg salad salty, so keep that in mind with the flavor of the mustard. You may also want to add a bit more ground black pepper depending on your taste.
Did your Mother ever teach you how to keep your cold food cold (and dry) and hot food warm when you are enjoying the outdoors?

😎 Tip
#1 What is worse than a soggy sandwich? Protect your food from getting waterlogged from melting ice. Just buy an under-the-desk wastebasket which fits perfectly into your cooler and will separate your food from your ice and beverages. Keeping your sandwich from getting soggy.

😎Tip #2 Turn your cooler into a hot box. Just wrap regular bricks in aluminum foil. Heat the bricks as you prepare your hot food for the day either on the grill or in the oven. Add bricks to the bottom of the cooler lined with newspaper or brown paper bags and your food will stay warm for hours.

😎Tip #3 Freeze water in silicone loaf pans to create large blocks of ice for the cooler. They take much longer to melt and will keep your food and drinks cold all day long.

Enjoy your days outside! XO Babs
It’s back to school season! I was a teacher for 40+ years and the classroom can be a messy place! Here are my top 3 tips to clean up common classroom (and anywhere) messes with @Viva® Towels ! XO, Babs #sponsored

~ Tip #1 : Don’t cry over spilled paint
Keep a shaker filled with salt or sugar by your art corner and immediately sprinkle liberally on spilled paint (works for nail polish, too!). Wait 2 minutes and wipe it up with a damp Viva paper towel. They’re key for an everyday spotless clean!

~ Tip #2 : Use my easy homemade surface cleaner
Mix two parts water to one part white vinegar, stir, and pour into spray bottles. Spray on your paper towel. I use Viva Multi-Surface Cloth because they remove dirt, scrub grime, absorb quickly, lock liquid, and help leave those desks spotless. Don't forget to label the spray bottles with the contents!

~ Tip #3 Be ready for ANYTHING
I know we don’t like to discuss it, but it’s a fact of teacher life - sometimes kids throw up. My trick? Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes. The powder should absorb the liquid. Then you can clean it up with Viva paper towels, in the blue pack, which have a great micro texture to lift and trap the mess. You can mix one tablespoon of vinegar and two cups of warm water in a spray bottle and go over the area again to leave it smelling a little fresher.

Paper towels often go overlooked on teacher supply lists, so don’t forget to stock up on #VivaTowels for the school year ahead! #VivaMultiSurfaceCloth #backtoschool #teacher #teachersoftiktok #schoolsupplies
#specialkpartner Goodness! I don’t start my mornings literally naked! But I do like to make my favorite naked granola! And for this I use @SpecialK Zero which is plant-based with no added sugar. Enjoy! XO, Babs #specialkpartner

Here’s the recipe:

Babs’ Naked Granola

5 cups Special K Zero

1.5 cups shredded coconut

1 cup nuts (mixed, choose your favorites!)

1 ¼  Tbsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp salt

1 Stick of Butter (Plant based or dairy)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine first 6 ingredients. Melt butter and toss with ingredients in large bowl. Spread on baking sheet and bake for 6 min. Turn. Bake approximately 5 minutes more but keep an eye on it! Store in airtight container. If you like a little added sweetness, you can add some dried fruits and a ½ cup of honey or agave (to keep it plant-based)
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