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Brooke Taylor


⭐️ A fitness app + personal trainer in your back pocket www.brooketaylorfit.com

Are you Ready to Upgrade Your Workouts? A personal trainer in your back pocket. A workout where your heart rate calls the shots! No more miscellaneous workouts!

What if I told you that there is a system that simulates having a personal trainer in your back pocket. One that tells you exactly what to do every single day. No more guesswork, all you have to do is show up and follow along. A workout catered to you, where your heart rate calls the shots! It’s time to get intentional.

No more miscellaneous workouts!

Learn how to train your body to see results, create a lifestyle change and rev up your metabolism.

💫 A personal trainer guiding you step by step on what to do every single day!
💫Pre-recorded videos to take at your convenience
💫 Heart rate based cardio programs that yield results
💫Access to 100+ anytime and post workout videos
💫A grocery list to take with you to the store!
💫Private Facebook Community holding you accountable
💫A cheerleader pushing you every step of the way!

Are you ready to get started? Click on the link in my bio and train with me FREE for 7 days inside of the Brooke Taylor Fit App!


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“Knee Health: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Joints Strong and Flexible”

Truth be told, as we get older the impact on our joints takes a toll - unless you are taking care of your body the right way.

Some things to ask yourself….

1. Are you working the surrounding muscles of your joints?

2. Are you wearing the right shoes for the right style of training? This will affect your alignment and help/hinder muscle imbalances.

3. Are you mixing up your workout routine? Adding in strength, cardio, Pilates and proper stretching to maintain flexibility and mobility in the joints?

4. Are you making the time to warm up properly aka rolling out and cooling down with your static stretches after every workout?

5. Are you following a progressive program that builds a strong foundation so that your body adapts over time?

All of this interplays on your joint health.

To get you started today try adding in these two variations of glute exercises to your workout routine to fire the intrinsic muscles around your pelvis and spine. You may be surprised when you feel muscles you have never felt before or muscles that simply have not been used in quite some time.

Not only do these types of exercises target your glutes and abductors, but they also elongate the hip flexors for those who spend excessive amounts of time sitting all day.

The key is to mix it up and keep the body moving - body longevity is always the goal!

Add these to your workout routine. Ready for more?

Click on the link in my bio and get a FREE 7 day trial of the @brooketaylorfitapp

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Why is it important to incorporate agility and functional training into your workouts?

They both improve balance, control, reaction time, flexibility, posture and overall movement control. Sitting at a machine you are working the primary muscle groups of focus, which is great for hypertrophy training, super sets and those that are more limited in their everyday movements. However the intrinsic stabilizers, core, and surrounding muscle groups are “sitting quiet” as I like to say because they are not directly involved. This is why I believe that is important to incorporate it all!!

Get off the machines and start incorporating all different movement patterns into your workouts to fire up both your aerobic and anaerobic systems and both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Your body was meant to move! Push, pull, jump, rotate, lift, and squat. Challenge it!

*Improve posture and alignment
*Improve stability, strength, muscular endurance
*Increase your calorie burn
*Train your body to react
*Train all different energy systems so that your body gets stronger both internally and externally
*Work in all planes of motion
*Incorporate level changes
*Train outside the box - your body was meant to move!

My end goal for all of our clients is to function at an optimal level. At the end of the day it’s about body longevity, performance and function.


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Self care is not “selfish” it’s part of your HEALTH! As I always say “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” As a momprenuer, I work really hard to make it all work. I know showing up for myself first thing in the morning (cue the 5am ⏰) is my magic for the day. It is my ritual, habit, whatever you want to call it. I JUMP out of bed, get dressed, blast a motivational podcast and open my @brooketaylorfitapp! Yes, I follow my own program and guess what it makes my life so easy because it’s the one time of day I do not have to think. I show up, follow along and move! It’s my happy place and my serenity.

Once the kids are awake it is GAME ON! It sets my mood for the day and I am ready to tackle the world. Believe me I set pretty high standards for myself and the “to-do-list” is a mile long everyday, but I keep telling myself take it step by step, try your best and tomorrow is a new day.

I am sharing this because wherever you are at on your journey right here, right now make a shift! You can do it. There will never be a “perfect time” to get started. You will never be “motivated” all of the time. You have to identify your why and then put on your big girl pants and get to work! We all have the same hours in a day, look at where your little holes are and start small. This may mean waking up 20 minutes earlier and starting there! Do it!!!! Small changes go a LONG way! You can do it! Why? Because you are so worth it! Never give up on yourself! Life is too short. Action over excuses always!!!


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The one thing I did that helped me transform not just my body, but my entire mindset? Committing to fitness and my health. It’s more than just workouts; it’s a lifestyle, a daily promise to myself. Every workout, every sore muscle, is a step closer to the best version of me. 💪 #FitLife #JourneyToBetter

Consistency Over Intensity: Realizing that showing up consistently, even on days when I wasn’t feeling my best, had a more lasting impact than occasional high-intensity sessions.

Embracing Failures: Understanding that every setback was a setup for a greater comeback. Failures taught me resilience and the importance of pushing boundaries.

Setting Small Goals: Breaking down my fitness journey into smaller, achievable goals made the process less daunting and more motivating.

Education: Investing time in understanding the science behind exercises and nutrition gave me a sense of empowerment and control over my fitness journey.

Positive Affirmations: Replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations played a crucial role in building self-belief and confidence.

Rest and Recovery: Understanding that rest is as important as workouts. This helped in preventing burnouts and ensuring I remained passionate about my fitness journey.

Joining a Community: Being a part of a fitness community or group provided encouragement, accountability, and a sense of belonging.

Celebrating Every Win: Taking time to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest progress or achievement added motivation and positivity to the journey.

Limiting Comparisons: Understanding that every individual’s journey is unique and refraining from comparing my progress to others’ helped in building self-compassion and focus.


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🌟 Fitness Isn’t a Phase, It’s a Lifestyle 🌟

True wellness? It’s not about sporadic gym visits or the occasional health kick. It’s about waking up every day with purpose, knowing exactly what to do to see results. With the BTW app, embrace a step-by-step progressive system that removes the guesswork. 📲

Turn daily habits into lifelong commitments. Because fitness, when lived daily, transforms everything. Ready to evolve with us? 💪🌱


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