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Brock - Social Media Expert


STARTING OVER! From 300k to zero. Let’s see what I can do!

Tip #4 & 5 are ones that almost NO ONE knows... ⬇️ 1. Form a relationship with the other person BEFORE to asking to collab. The best collabs are built on real trust. 2. Find someone with similar followers demographics or, AT LEAST, followers with similar interests. 3. Make the collab SIMPLE & EASY for the other person. Do most of the work yourself! 4. Once posting the collab, have the person with the LARGER following post the content. 5. Don't immediately "accept" the collab. Allow the post to "run it's course" before accepting (usually a few hours). 6. Stay SUPER engaged, track insights, and make sure to network with the other persons followers! 🤨 Have you ever done a collab? Let me know in the comments!
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