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Drew @ Broadcast Blueprint


Adventures in radio broadcasting. Opinions are mine.



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Dummy Load

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Tube Replacement + Tuning

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Replying to @dheck I thought about it, but didn’t! I stayed more at Layer 3 for this one.
Back in January 2023, I had a #DummyLoad catch on fire while testing a #transmitter . Finally, in August, I have a replacement. Let’s talk about dummy loads! And #resistors ! And math! And impedance matching!

#BroadcastEngineering #Broadcasting #Radio #HamRadio #AmateurRadio #hamtok
Replying to @Jeff Once more for those in the back: Hobbyists can use consumer grade equipment, but if more is riding on your ENDEC, just don’t. At least not permanently.

#BroadcastEngineering #Broadcasting
Replying to @tacosjj We use Inovonics INOmini tuners!
Replying to @William christ It depends on what the state EAS plan says! If the station does rebroadcast anything, this device called an #ENDEC handles everything automatically.

#BroadcastEngineering #Broadcasting #Radio #EAS #EmergencyAlertSystem #HamRadio #AmateurRadio #hamtok
Replying to @Dave? Sorry. Dave? Sorry. I’m on it! You can think of an FM station like a really fancy imaginary guitar string!

#BroadcastEngineering #Broadcasting #Radio #FMRadio
VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for people affected by #DV #SA and other unsafe home environments if you keep a hidden phone for safety: the United States will test Wireless Emergency Alerts in October using the type of alert that cannot be disabled, even if your phone does not have active service. Here is how to stay safe and make sure your safety phone is not found. If you have someone in your life who needs this info, please make sure they get it.
Replying to @Zach Multicast! Thats all I can say. Know your multicast networking concepts front to back!
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