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BRIPE Coffee Pipe


Portable espresso coffee maker Torch-powered🔥 Flavor-packed Ready for adventure

Quick and easy bripe this afternoon 🌳🏕️ I’ve used this little guy quite a fair few times of late, great for camping, or just general outdoor usage, so easy to either have coffee pre ground in bean cellars or to grind on the go 🙌🙌 Using the last of my El paraiso Colombian coffee from @kawa.coffee - tasting notes of apricot and peach! A truly stunning coffee however it is brewed! 🍑🍑 All in all the bripe is a coffee pipe that can brew coffee within 2 minutes, similar brew to the desired temperature, leave it to cool before sipping through the pipe. The bripe also comes with a metal mesh to trap the grounds as you drink.. Everything fits in the little bag it comes with, all super lightweight and easy to pack into a rucksack. Thank you to @bripecoffeepipe for sending this 🙌🙌🔥 Ever briped? Repost: @homeb_arista
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