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Jessica Ellis9759


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Search #3Update My Son HAS BEEN MISSING ALMOST 4 months! Its time to get louder!! #BRINGAMIRHOME #IMCOMINGSON I LOVE YOU AMIR, ~ MOM ❤️
No Court appearances today! Rescheduled at the last minute with no new court date assigned yet!! Another day, NO ANSWERS, NO AMIR! #77days How much longer do i need to suffer before some one does or says something to bring my SON HOME!? How much longer, just tell me so i at least know how long i gotta continue living my life where im awake all day hurting and breaking inside waiting til its time to go to sleep so i can not feel anything just to wake up with a much deeper pain on repeat! It’s NOT RIGHT! Now, i gotta pull it together so I can go to work and be “STRONG”! Im so damn tired of being strong! And patient! #justBRINGAMIRHOME #IWANTMYSON #stopdraggingyourfeet #FINDMYSON #PLEASE 🙏
#ijustwantmyson #BRINGAMIRHOME I love you son!!! God i miss you!
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