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Brandon Broderick


Nature photographer based in Northern BC. All animals are wild. More on IG ⤴️

I’m starting to film more of my outings into nature, and today I was out placing a trail camera as part of my scouting for a new camera trapping spot. On my way back to my vehicle I encountered a female ruffed grouse who pretended to be injured to lure me away from her chicks/eggs. I’m not sure if she had chicks or eggs since I didn’t see any of either, but this behaviour tells me there were some close! #grouse #wildlife #birdsoftiktok #wild #nature #wildlifephotographer #gopro #naturelover #fyp created by Brandon Broderick with Brandon Broderick’s original sound
A few days ago I was told about a large grizzly bear hanging out around a gut pile left by moose hunters and I decided to check it out. I was also told that this bear was incredibly aggressive and even swatted at a vehicle, so I approached the situation with caution.

When I first arrived at the location there was another truck parked there and they were there for the same reason I was. I spoke with the driver of the truck, Grant, and made sure he was okay with me being there with him, which since you’re seeing this video, he was, and the waiting began.

After about an hour and a half, I saw some movement behind the gut pile and the excitement began.

Quick side note - the gut pile wasn’t just an obvious pile of guts. You could easily drive past it and think it’s just where someone dumped some yard waste. So if you’re ever driving down backroads looking for a place to camp and see a random pile of grass and sticks, it might be a buried meal that a grizzly bear is saving for later. So don’t camp there.

Okay, back to the encounter. The bear walked to the pile and began digging through it feeding on the little amount of guts that remained while Grant and I took photos. But this bear wouldn’t let us just hang out without him officially letting us know he was in charge of the situation, which is exactly what you’re seeing in this photo. The bear walked away from the gut pile and directly to the road we were parked on and stopped about 10m from the front of my truck and just looked at us. We continued to take photos, or I did at least since the bear was so close to my truck and Grant was parked behind me and lost sight of him. After standing in the road for a few seconds the bear returned to his cached meal and continued feeding. The feeding went on for another 15 minutes or so and then the bear walked back across the road and disappeared into the forest. The time to hibernate is coming quickly and I believe this bear is well prepared to survive the winter.

Thanks for looking at this video and for reading this incredibly long caption.

#grizzlybear #bear #grizzly #tumblerridge #britishcolumbia #wildlife #wild #wildlifevideography #wildlifevideos #nature #naturevideo #fypage #wildlifephotography #wildlifephotographer #wildlifevideographer
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