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Corey Johnson


Find Your Voice. Build Your Brand. CEO. Brand Strategist. Nomad.

5 Elements of A Funnel

There are 5 elements laid out in this video, but the most important key comes down to your brand strategy and positioning.

Here are some tips to summarize this.

Clarify the one audience you want to speak to and reverse engineer the one message that will connect with them the most based on their
#1 problem they have.

Not the problem you know they have, the problem they think they have. There’s a difference.

Here is formula you can use to craft your brand message…

[Enter the solution to their #1#1 roblem] so you can [Enter outcome of solving that problem or their #1#1 esire].

Sample brand message…

Clarify your brand so you can increase sales by 200%.

Once you’ve clarified that, build a Masterclass or webinar funnel designed to take them from where they are right now to the next step and the next step is using giving them clarity.

From here, setting up your ad campaign with high-performing copywriting is 🔑

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#entrepreneurship is 80% psychology & 20% execution.
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