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Branch Patty


Making Jamaican Patties and Coco bread in NYC "Flavors That Makes You Feel Good"



#flashbackfriday @keith_lee125 reviews the best pizzaria in NYC @cutsandslicesnyc and tries our Oxtail Patty Collaboration Thankful to have been part of this moment.🙏🏾
#jamaicanpatties #jamaicanpatty #oxtail #caribbeanfood #keithlee #pizzalover
A Good pattie don't need a condiment, but damn this jelly @greedygirlcooks is 🔥💯. The dual spice from the scotch bonnet in the jelly and beef along with the sweetness complimenting the cheese and flaky crust. It's like eating a Caribbean cheese/charcuterie board. My GOD! Thanks for shipping this out so quickly to us. #jamaicanpatties #jamaicanpatty #caribbeanfood #westindianfood #branchpattyexperience #caribbeanculture
3 months later the oxtail pattie collaboration with @cutsandslicesnyc continues to be a huge success. We are super blessed to be working with another great business making something for the culture. Let's keep it going. Pull up to Cuts in Brooklyn for the exclusive oxtail collab and pull up to Branch Patty In Queens for all other patties.
Our little queens were a big part of our mini multigrain coco bread recipe development for the school system in 2022 #blackownedbusinesses
#caribbeanbusiness #familybusiness
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