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Elevate Your Plants! Modern Indoor Plant Hangers San Diego, CA

Do you want to be obsessed over the space you live in?

Well, you got to start small & it’s not going to happen overnight.

The good news is, there’s little changes you can make in your home right now to get that designer worthy feel.

Let’s start with that cluttered-ass dumping ground of a bedside table, haha. We’ve all been there right?

Here’s 3 things you can do this weekend to elevate the look & feel of your bedside table (after you remove all the crap piled up on it):

1. - pick 3 decorative items you already have in your home & arrange them on your bedside table. Try for a lamp, vase, and something that’s alive! Asymmetric design & styling in odd numbers always looks a little bit more interesting.

2. - when adding decorative accessories to your bedside table, or any space really, make sure they’re all different heights. This will create a rich & balanced layering effect.

3. - add some florals or a plant. When it comes to florals, opt for muted tones like cream, blush, white, and tan. This will create a more modern designer friendly look.

If your loving that little blush plant stand and pot combo head to the link in our bio to shop.

Just so ya know, here at Braid & Wood we design home decor products that bring more life to your home in a design forward way.
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