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Brad Kearns


B.rad podcast NYT bestselling author Former 🌎 #3 pro triathlete BradKearns.com



Another great jaunt up the epic Cactus-to-Clouds trail in Palm Springs, CA. It’s rated as the single most difficult trail in the United States by vertical gain, 8400 feet in 9.3 miles. I decided to try my new Peluva Strand shoes to prove that the five-toe, minimalist design is the best choice for hiking.

We’ve been obsessed with cushion, padding, firmness, sturdiness with hiking shoes for so long, but the problem is they disconnect you from the ground and inhibit the healthy functioning of your foot through the stride pattern. Unlike early five-toe products, Peluva’s have a generous 10mm of padding to provide protection, while allowing my feet to actually be feet, and ascend the trail with Grace, Efficiency, Dave Kobrine and our buddy Trailgoer!

i’m not saying you should bust out a nine-hour Cactus-to-Clouds effort in unique new footwear, but consider the idea of gradually and safely integrating to a more barefoot oriented lifestyle. Check out
@wearpeluva for more info and DM me for a discount code to try your first pair!
Protein fot #fatloss ! #bradnutrition
Tune in to a special #bradpodcast episode with Mark Sisson bright and early tomorrow morning for an episode covering all things🦶 #barefootlifestyle and Mark's latest project, Peluva! 🏃‍♂️ PS: 📢Enter to win a free pair of Peluva shoes! Winner will be chosen 5/12/23👀 1. Visit Instagram and follow @bradkearns1 and @wearpeluva 2. Send us an email podcast@bradventures.com with title "Peluva" and you're entered to win a free pair!🎉
You may be familiar with conservative USRDA numbers for #protein, but this is for bare survival, NOT optimization.If you are active and athletic, remember the simple calculation of getting one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight! #bradpodcast @marksmelley
#beachsprints Soft sand is the BEST for high intensity sprinting and drills, because you get the conditioning benefits without the impact trauma (more recovery time, more injury risk.) At age 58, I need to minimize injury risk as #1 priority, with performance goals second. I realize I should probably be doing 80% training on sand or grass and just a little on the track. I encountered this lady at the beach who decided to join me. Incredibly, her last name is Kearns! Pretty good form for a novice. “Slam the ground with maximum vertical force!”
@marksmellybell - Episode 419 of the #bradpodcast “You don’t just fall apart when you get old—it’s the bad habits that are potentially going to cause you to fall apart much faster.@marksmellybell - Episode 419 of the #bradpodcast “You don’t just fall apart when you get old—it’s the bad habits that are potentially going to cause you to fall apart much faster.”
#bradpodcast episode 409 with @Gabby Reece! 👉Check it out at Bradkearns.com or watch the interview on the Brad Kearns YouTube channel!
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