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Simpler than a website, more than a link-in-bio; www.bossladybio.com

What if⁉️

When someone lands on your profile, they click on your link-in-bio and they are immediately met with an intro-clip video of you welcoming them.

Then….they continue to scroll thru organized links, videos or images that guide them to everything you want to spotlight right now.

And what if….

That link left a professional & polished impression on that same person and they decide to click. . .

Well, instead of overcomplicating things, use a link that has multiple uses + simplifies selling + attracts your ideal customer.

BossLady Bio is simple to create.
BossLady Bio is expert designed.
BossLady Bio is for ALL tech levels.
BossLady Bio is supportive.
BossLady Bio is innovative with gorgeous features.
BossLady Bio is leading an industry!
BossLady Bio is easy to use.
BossLady Bio is a powerful tool for all social sellers.

Get started today. It literally takes minutes.

Oh….and if you’re not someone who feels creative or get stuck on what content & images you want to share…WE GOT YOUR BACK.

We have built for you, fillable templates, guided tours, tutorial videos and weekly expert coaching.

Cmon, join our community and leave a lasting impression on social media!!

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Get all eyes 👀 on your featured product!

Use this simple
#instagramhack to create your next reel…

Follow these simple steps AND the built-in templates that will tickle the Instagram algorithm!

Ideas to feature:

✔️summer must-have

✔️ best seller

✔️ a solution to an common problem

✔️ a pop-up event you’re hosting for a limited time

✔️ your business launch

✔️ a teaser to a new product coming soon


ALWAYS direct people to your link-in-bio for next steps.

Example call to action at the end of your post- “tap my bio link now to get yours!”


Snap a pic of yourself with the featured product you’re showcasing. Having your face in it builds your like, know and trust factor. Statistics show that as folks scroll thru the gram, they are much more likely to stop on posts/reels with a persons face in them 🤩

Go create, have fun and don’t overthink!

Follow us for tons more tips and a powerful community of women entrepreneurs✨

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You guys….we’re doing Instagram audits for so many groups throughout the month of April and guess what?!!

It’s SHOCKING how many people are overlooking easy fixes to their Instagram profiles.

Like easy fixes to make their profile more searchable and more effective to attract their ideal customers 🥴

But…in all honesty, most of us don’t have marketing backgrounds. We aren’t experts in social media and we are just flat out TRYING OUR BEST, right!!

Our team believes that you don’t need lots of followers to make sales, but you do need the right people to SEE 👀 your content.

If you or your team need help, JOIN US this Friday, April 21st and/or April 28th @ 12pm ET as we do FREE live audits with our expert team who has over two decades of experience. Sign-up by tapping our link-in-bio right now (you can even submit a request to have your own profile reviewed 😍).

Bottom line??

Friends don’t let friends have subpar Insta profiles. Let’s make sure you are getting the most out of every minute you’re spending on social media 📱

Your time is precious and we want you to be spending most of it doing things you’re passionate about; all while your Insta goes to work for you 🙌🏽❤️

Tag your friends
Tag your teams

Join us this Friday and/or next! Heck, make it a team bldg experience together.

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Sound familiar??

You and your team are tired of hosting events that get expensive and many times they don’t result in new customer or leads. ((It’s exhausting))

But, this is EXACTLY why we came up with Quick Click Events.


A virtual event hosted on your BossLady Bio link that allows guests/invitees to skim, scroll & save in minute.


It’s modern, fresh and fun. It allows guests to attend your event from the convenience of their phone…and on their terms.


It’s so easy. BossLady Bio paid plan features include the ability to:

•welcome guests with an intro-clip video
•ask interactive questions using polls or a quiz
•allows guests to text or call you in one-tap
•one-tap purchases for easy checkout
•share demo videos
•guide guests step by step with easy links to follow
•generate leads OR offer samples OR gifts with purchase all with one-tap

Our very own users have experienced incredible success using this revolutionary, new approach to events and it’s time you do the same!

Quick Click Events are changing the way direct sellers everywhere are hosting and selling.

Step 1. Get started now by clicking our link-in-bio and select your BossLady Bio Pro or Elite Plan to build/host your own event in minutes.

Step 2. Go grab our free Quick Click Event workshop by clicking our link-in-bio

Step 3. Get tons of examples, event invite language and guidance in our Quick Click Events guide in our BLB SHOP

Let’s GOOOO add new customers and leads. It’s time to freshen things up ✨🫶🏼

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Ready to attract new customers today?!

Follow our modern approach to selling that is easier and more effective than your old school approach!

1. Choose one thing you’ve been raving about this week (a recipe, an Amazon find, a great book or podcast etc). Something enticing ✨

2. Now, go share that one thing on your link-in-bio “hot button”/aka the very first button visitors see when they land on your bio link

3. Lastly, go share about that one thing in your social media posts, stories or reels and grab peoples attention with it. Example: “if there’s one recipe your family’s gonna love this week, it’s this!!” 👌🏽

4. Use a very clear call to action and direct everyone to your bio link to grab that one thing.
Example: “tap my link-in-bio now to get the full recipe now!!”

BOOM 💥 once folks land on your bio link, they find that one thing you shared…. PLUS, they are greeted with your intro-clip video welcoming them and they see a variety of other products/services you offer ! !

Isn’t this brilliant and yet, oh so simple?!

Need a gorgeous bio link that includes a hot button, intro-clip video & more? Go create yours in minutes by tapping our link-in-bio ✨

Need more simple tips for selling online? FOLLOW US @bossladybio

What’s the one thing you’re gonna share today?!!! Comment below ⤵️
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