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Don't buy it, borro it! Rent baby clothes and save money, time and the planet!

1. Not everything will work as well your family as well as it works for other family’s. It’s about finding eco-friendly solutions that work for your family; not everyone else’s.

2. Stop feeling guilty for not doing more! Whilst yes, we can all do more to save the planet, there’s equally no point adding stress and guilt onto what I’m sure is an already very full plate. If you tried something new and it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, you can always try other things or stick to the eco-friendly habits you already know are a success in your household.

3. Change can be difficult, but you’re creating habits for yourself that will feel natural for them…deciding to make more sustainable changes in your household might feel awkward or unfamiliar to you at first, but know that to your little ones those re-useable wipes are the first option for cleaning up messes.

4. Always keep an open mind. This may sound utterly obvious to the seasoned sustainable mummas out there, but just because it’s not how you’ve always done something, that doesn’t mean that a sustainable alternative won’t work for you…most times it ends up working better - whether by saving time, energy or money 💸

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