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Lindsay McCoy


Shifting the paradigm of prenatal & birth care🫄 👉Follow for easy tips & tricks

We train movements for the mobility and stability they bring - to bring us into a balanced, ready state. Ready for a more efficient birth and a better functioning body.

We *also* train movements to make them intuitively available. During birth, we go into a different, more intuitive part of our brain. We leave the thinking, judging, planning brain (if you’re a nerd like me, this is called the prefrontal cortex). This gives us access to intuitive wisdom. You know what positions and movements to make to birth your baby. Really! And I’ve found that practicing moves in pregnancy makes then even more deeply available in birth. You can just go there.

But if we haven’t ever found a position it may not be as available- in our body but also in our brains.

Think about the first time you rode a bike (or skiing if you’ve ever tried! I love teaching others to ski so this is the vision in my brain). You did it, but you had to think a lot. About all the parts of making it happen. Pretty soon… it becomes a pattern. As if innate. Second nature. You don’t even think about it, you just go. You get it in your body and your brain no longer has to think so hard for you to do the thing (bike, ski, whatever).

I love giving people tools and options and that’s the beauty of working on mobility and birth prep at the same time! You have a deep well of moves to draw from. Want full guidance? Check out our birth program!

Try the 90/90 and see how it feels! It’s a great one for active labor wheh your baby is at station -1/0/+1

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Replying to @tarshvel
Friends… let me say this again for the ones in the back! You deserve loving touch that is not given as an expectation for more. You deserve a partner who shows up for you during your pregnancy, birth and recovery. And guess what partners? It’ll actually serve you better in getting what you want a whole lot better. Am I right?!

If you want to work together to prep for birth- join my partner and I for a one time only PARTNER READY class. It’s just 75 min long and filled with serious tricks of the trade from 10k plus families I’ve supported ❤️ link in bio #birthpartner #laborprep #thirdtrimester #prenatalmassage
This video shows some simple yet incredibly powerful techniques that partners can implement in pregnancy and labor!

Birth is a big physiological event! One that we should plan and prepare for.

Lots of focus (rightly so!) is in preparing the one who is giving birth. But what about the partner?

Too often partners get overwhelmed and slink into the corner. They don’t know what to do so they shut down. Check game scores, sneak off to the cafeteria for way longer than necessary, take a nap when you need them, etc. This is a nervous system response to overwhelm. When you’re giving birth it’s likely the last thing you want is for your partner to shut down. Because you need them! And even if they know that and do want to be there for you. They get overwhelmed and don’t want to eff it up.

I’ve attended hundreds of births with just about every type of birth partner and let me tell you- when given the proper tools, awareness, and understanding most partners can really step it up!

My amazing partner of 20 years (and father and birth partner for our 4 kids) and I will be offering a never offered before PARTNER READY (BYOP: bring your own partner!) online workshop in early March. Comment partner ready if you want in! Because it’s definitely going to fill! It’s the perfect way to connect and learn the secrets of partner support from a doula/doula trainer of 13 years and I can promise you that this is not something covered in your typical childbirth class!
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As a #doula I LOVE birth partners. And let me tell you- a lot of them really DO step up to the plate when given the opportunity! But remember, this is all new to them as well! And it can be really overwhelming.

They are unsure of what to do. They’re not #birth experts. They don’t like seeing you in pain. They don’t want to get in the way or screw something up. “Maybe I’ll just sink into the corner or check the game scores so I don’t have to deal with the intensity of this situation…”

I teach partners (who want to!) how to be an active participant. How to get that #oxytocin FLOWING.

Because guess what? You do not need be an expert in birth. There’s something more powerful that we need you for. We need you for the LOVE. For the closeness. For the connection. This creates a flood of love hormones (oxytocin!). What I needed most from my partner was just closeness. His hand. And I always get the partner in the right spot for this to happen when I’m the doula. (Partners LOVE me, and the ones who started as anti doula?? They end up being my biggest fans 🤣)

Did you know that the same hormones you get during orgasm, you get during #childbirth ? And so the more love you can infuse into that space, the better, the safer, the more comfortable, and the more efficient the process is going to be.

Show this to your partner and set up a time to practice!

May this birth bring you together ❤️

PS #birthpartners do not have to be romantic partners. Love of a parental figure, sibling or close friend work too!

Tell me- what is your favorite way or memory of partner support at birth? Let’s get some ideas going for each other
Get your partner involved in your birth prep!

We often forget how overwhelming it can be for the partner. Pregnancy and birth are big physiological events and it is really easy for the partner to feel useless and unsure.... to sink into a corner or to feel like a deer caught in headlights.

But what if we empowered the partner.
What if birth prep and support could be a way of connecting more deeply.
When we empower the partner we empower them to show up in their best and most authentic way.
During pregnancy. During Birth. During Postpartum. And as a parent (if your birth partner is also your parenting partner).

I have also found that this empowers you, the birther, to feel the safety you need to "go there" to go into your labor flow state- the place in your brain (some call it 'labor land') where you intuitively know how to birth your baby and what you and your baby needs. Because you know your partner has got you. When we feel safe, nurtured, and protected we are able to drop deep into that space and flow with your laboring process.

And let's not forgot the importance of touch and connection. May going through this process together bring you closer together like it did for my partner and I.

Try out this birth prep routine with your partner. As we shake the tissues gently we are inducing a deep relaxation and release of the tissues. At my last prenatal visit with all my doula families I tell every partner to make sure to do some booty shaking massaging! Relaxed glutes=relaxed pelvic floor and we want that area nice and supple as baby needs to rotate through it during vaginal childbirth.

Tag your birth partner and plan a night for you to practice this!! I suggest nightly as you are getting closer to the big day!
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What can be done if the head is just NOT coming? You’ve done all the things… internal rotation, pelvic floor release, and pushing seems to be effective. So what’s the hold up? If the hold up is the fetal shoulder on the pelvic inlet (stuck on top of the pubic bone), these techniques shown work like absolute magic! One time a family joked to me they were going to name their baby Walcher because we got them to avoid cesarean by doing it for 3 contractions after 3 HOURS of ineffective pushing 😱

I remember people thinking I was bananas for doing Walchers technique during pushing. “But Lindsay, that opens the top of the pelvis, but baby’s at the bottom of the pelvis!”

Yes, they are correct that the baby’s head is at the pelvic outlet. However, there’s more to the baby than the head and sometimes we have to make room for the shoulders in the inlet while the head is at the outlet.

Enter all the hip extension / “Walchers” variations. Here’s the two basic positions that are the reason Walchers works: pelvic tucking and hip extension. Have the client/patient take a break from pushing efforts for 3 contractions and find one of these variations. And yes I’ve done this many times with an epidural, too!

The more you know the “why” behind a technique, the more you can troubleshoot different variations to find what works best for each individual. It also helps tune in the birth workers critical thinking! One of our big focuses for our #b
#bodyreadymethod ros! You should definitely have one of them at your birth 🤩
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