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Crochet designer and blogger, modern crochet garments! Let me teach you how ⏬️

Crochet for Beginners - pt 15 - linked half double crochet creates dense fabric with no holes or gaps #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #learntocrochet #howtocrochet #linkedhdc #linkedcrochet created by Bluestarcrochet with Nicky Youre & dazy’s Sunroof
Pause the holiday madness and take some time for yourself!
Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the beautiful crochet stitches to make the versatile Shipka Cardigan in collaboration with
Join me for a fun crochet along and have a stunning addition to your wardrobe done just in time for the holiday season!
Both FREE and VIP options available, sign up here https://blue-star-crochet.thrivecart.com/shipka-crochet-cardigan-course/?ref=tiktok
Ok.. I lied… it’s actually 2 questions…
Apart from the obvious one “what are you knitting?” from a stranger in doctor’s waiting room or a passer by in a coffee shop…

#crochet #crochetgarments #crochetpattern #crochetsweater #crochetcardigan #howtocrochetforbeginner #howtocrochet
The second one is “have you made a gauge swatch?” …
If you’re a repeat offender and proud member of the “I do not swatch club” …
you need to pause and grab a ticket to my 5 Day Crochet Challenge To Get you Making A Garment!
Don’t underestimate the power of a gauge swatch and if you just rolled your eyes 👀
let me convince you why you should make a gauge swatch!
And not just that, I will show you how to substitute yarn, calculate yarn amounts, how to choose the right pattern and size, how to read a written pattern and so much more!
Grab a ticket via the link in my bio and let’s have some fun!
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