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Simple, natural, self love rituals designed for you Join our Self Love Club

A simple Gua Sha Ritual for you ~ Unlocking the magic of our Bian Stone Gua Sha requires the right touch and technique, offering a gentle path to reduced swelling, improved circulation, tension release, and a radiant, natural glow.

1. Begin by cleansing your hands and your Bian Stone Gua Sha with a gentle soap and warm water.

2. Embrace a moment to warm the tool in your hands while setting your intention for the day.

3. On clean skinlovingly apply your Bluem serum or a natural oil across your face, neck, and d矇colletage.

4. Hold the tool at a 15-degree angle, applying gentle to moderate pressure. Remember, it's about guiding, not pushing. You want to glide the tool outward from the inside of your face.

5. Starting at your d矇colletage, then to your neck, then onto your face, allowing 3-5 strokes per area before gracefully moving to the other side.

6. Conclude with a soothing, elongated stroke tracing from your forehead to your collarbone, aiding in lymph drainage.

Simple yet potent, this Gua Sha Ritual invites you to embrace mindful self love and harness the rejuvenating power within yourself.

Avoid using your Gua Sha on inflamed skin, open wounds, sunburns, rashes, or skin irritated from psoriasis, eczema. Also be careful about scraping skin with moles, try to go around using gentle pressure.

If you're have experiencing acne and breakouts, focus on draining the d矇colletage and neck to help release any unwanted toxin build up. This will help to reduce inflammation.

Indulge and enjoy x

#guasha #lymphaticdrainage
#skincareroutine #wellness #guashatutorial
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