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Blue Dot Jewelry


Working in silver clay to make tiny wearable art. Always treasure hunting 🌿🐚

Replying to @clemfu69er It might be Perry? I made a fedora to find out. Yes? (I’d never seen the show! So happy to discover it.)

Sculpting things the size of a pinhead means they often look like a baked potato before they’re recognizable. This is your reminder that works in progress often look worse before they look better!

#silverclay #makingjewelry #tinysculpting #phineasandferb #platypusnecklace #jewelryprocess #makingjewelry #silverjewelry #fedora
Replying to @thehippiewitchbitch A sparkly coral fossil hag stone! With a colorful little sister stone. I hadn’t thought hag stone until a few of you said it :)

This shows *most* of the process - among steps not pictured is firing in a kiln, which takes it from incredibly fragile to pure silver. Both available! #silverclay #silverjewelry #process #makingjewelry #coral #coralfossil #settingstones #jewelryprocess #sculpting #tinysculpting
Replying to @thatonewitchyredhead Hello babes, my Valentine to you is a tutorial on torch firing silver clay. The only way to have this seen is to make it a few seconds long so if you’re reading this and want to know details you can see the full 3+ mins on my YouTube (linked in bio). I’d love to hear what you think!

I wish you, above all, self love today 💙

#silverclay #firingsilverclay #torchfiring #silverjewelry #process
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