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Clarice MacDonald


Blink Ink Permanent Cosmetics Saugus, MA 781-558-5166 Www.blinksalonandspa.com

Whenever I post a picture of an eyeliner tattoo I did on my personal Facebook page there is always at least one man who just says ‘why!’ So let’s talk for a minute about why someone would want to have their eyeliner tattooed on!
1. It saves time! This is the biggest one I see. Women (and yes even some men) wether they are working a lot or have little children and just don’t want to take the time to apply makeup every day but still desire to be wearing it will chose to have it tattooed on.
2. It’s waterproof! If you have sensitive eyes that water, work out and sweat a lot or swim a lot this might make it appealing to you.
3. Sensitive eyes. You will no longer have to apply makeup every day, so if makeup is something that irritates your eyes but you do like the look of it, this is a great option for you.
4. Vision impairments. If you don’t see clearly it is probably challenging to perfectly apply makeup. This is a great solution for those that are vision impaired.
6. Unsteady hands. Trying to apply makeup to the eyelids while shaking can be a dangerous thing. This is a great option for anyone with an unsteady hand.
7. You just want to wake up looking pretty! What can I say, I want to always look good! When I first met my husband I would never take my eye makeup off for bed because I did not want him to see me bare faced. Maybe I am to vain, but it is what it is. I always want to look my best! If you do too then this will appeal to you as well 😉.

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